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Michael Laitman, PhD

Chronology and Kabbalah

Q: When, according to the conventional calendar, did Adam’s fall occur? Is it worthwhile trying to reconcile the contradiction between the archaeologists’ beliefs and the Creator’s Words? Or is there no contradiction at all?

A: According to the Hebrew calendar,the count of descending broken parts of the vessel (soul, Adam) into our world, and their incarnations, began in year 0–0-00. Before that, no descending of souls occurred, since the vessel was not broken. I am describing this in the words of this world, but you won’t be able to comprehend it unless you grasp it by yourself.

Archaeology points at the bodies that existed before the year 0-0-00, but there was no descending of the broken parts of Adam into those physical bodies. Baal HaSulam, in his article, "The Solution", which describes the solution to the society of the future, writes that the Earth was formed from gases. These condensed through millions of years until they produced a hard substance.

Then life appeared on it: vegetative, animate, and human. Only afterwards did the soul, or, rather, the broken parts of the soul, Adam, start to descend into man. Adam consists of the upper part, called “Israel,” and the lower part, called “Nations of the World.”

These parts are also gradually revealed in each of us, first in the people of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, and then in the nations of the world. Our task is to correct these parts in us and combine them into one construction.

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