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Bnei Baruch America, Inc.'s mission is teaching and sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah. To maintain its independence and integrity, Bnei Baruch is not supported, funded, or otherwise tied to any government, religious or political entity. Its success in disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to the world is directly related to the contribution of personal time and financial support by its students.
Your contribution can be for as little or as much as your desire and finances allow. Your continued support guarantees that any and all who wish to study, just as you did, will be able to access all available resources at absolutely no cost. Come and join us as a partner in this ongoing mission to bring the Wisdom of Kabbalah to the world.

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Tax Deductible Donations

Bnei Baruch America, Inc. is a public charity (501(c)3 nonprofit organization) qualified by the IRS to accept tax-exempt donations.

Acknowledgments of gifts will be sent via email for donations made so please include your email address with any donation.

Thank you in advance for your contribution that supports sharing the Wisdom of Kabbalah with the world.


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Important information for USA tax deductions:

To make your payment, be sure to return to this site and use the "Payment Method" information below. Payments made from the "Learn about maaser" website referenced above are not tax deductible.

Payment Method

By Check or Money Order

Mail checks to:

  Bnei Baruch America
  PO Box 22451
  St Louis, MO 63126

Write "Maaser", "Convention Donation", or a name of specific program or project in the memo section of your check or leave it blank to make a general donation.

By Credit Card

Secure online PayPal or credit card payments:

General Donations
BB America
BB America
General Donations BB America Maaser BB America
Print a receipt of your donation through PayPal for your tax records.

If you have any question you can reach us via e-mail: engdeptfinance@gmail.com.

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Funds are collected in Israel and are not tax-deductible for US citizens


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