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Today, notable scientific, social and creative contributors investigating the boundaries of science and ways to improve the global situation are starting to notice Kabbalah.

As a pragmatic method for taking human consciousness into new dimensions, Kabbalah offers the means to understand and repair all problems directly at their cause. It has been passed down throughout history specifically to be revealed in our time, because only in our time has the need to actualize worldwide peace relations and transform human consciousness arisen.  

Kabbalah Worldwide* documents the collaborative work of Dr. Michael Laitman, with cutting-edge scientists and organizations, at the forefront of efforts to build a better future for humanity. [* Not to be confused with Kabbalah International.]


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St. Petersburg Congress - "The Round World"

The "The Round World" congress is taking place in St. Petersburg on July 29-31, 2016


North American Kabbalah Convention

100s from the U.S. and all around the world who study or take interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah took part in this intensive 3 day event.


Zohar Convention

Opening The Zohar - Birth of a New Reality. This is an archived version of the Zohar Convention 2010 promo page.

EurAsian Kabbalah Congress

EurAsian Kabbalah Congress

This is an archived version of the EurAsian Kabbalah Congress 2009 promo page.


International Kabbalah Congress

"Connecting for Good" - The International Kabbalah Congress

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD

Dr. Laitman - US & Canada Tour

Media coverage from a lecture & book promo tour of Dr. Michael Laitman

Fred Alan Wolf Talking About Kabbalah at Kanbar Hall

What the Bleep !?

Quantum Physics Meets Kabbalah

Participants of the event

Creating a New Civilization

The 3rd World Wisdom Council meeting

Wisdom in Action

Wisdom in Action

The 3rd World Spirit Forum in Arosa

The New Planetary Consciousness

The New Planetary Consciousness

Wisdom and science in a dialogue toward integral consciousness

112 Participants

The Table of Free Voices

119 Participants, 100 Questions, 672 Hours of Audiovisual Material

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