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Melodies of Baal HaSulam

Arrangements of melodies by the founder of modern Kabbalah, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (also known as Baal HaSulam - 1885-1955)
Live at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Jan. 2005

Live at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Jan. 2005

Concert of Baal HaSulam's melodies in modern arrangements by the band "Bnei Baruch" on Tu BeShvat, Jan. 2005


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  1. Bnei Heichala
  2. Chasal Seder Pesach
  3. Kaddish
  4. Kel Mistater
  5. Ki Hilatzta Nafshi
  6. LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha
  7. Misod Chachamim
  8. Mizmor le David
  9. Nigun
  10. Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach
  11. Waltz
  12. Ia'ale Tachnuneinu
The Music of Kabbalah


Classical arrangements of Baal HaSulam’s melodies


1.   Bnei Heichala (version 1)   
2.   Chamol al Maaseicha
3.   Nigun
4.   Mizmor le David
5.   Chasal Seder Pesach
6.   Misod Chachamim
7.   Yedid Nefesh
8.   Ki Chilatzta Nafshi
9.   Kel Mistater
10. Bnei Heichala (version 2)
11. Hine ke Chomer
12. Kaddish
13. LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha
14. Krivu Li
15. Asamer Beshvachin
16. Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach
17. Atkinu Seudata
18. Bnei Heichala (version 3)
19. La Menatzeach al Shoshanim

Live, Small Ensemble


Live, small ensemble performances of Baal HaSulam's melodies


1.  Waltz*
2.  Kaddish
3.  Ia'ale Tachnuneinu
4.  Ki Chilatzta Nafshi
5.  Kel Mistater
6.  Misod Chachamim (version 1)
7.  Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach
8.  Misod Chachamim (version 2)
9.  Bnei Heichala

* "Waltz" melody written by Rav Admor of Pursov (Baal HaSulam's teacher)


Baal HaSulam

Baal HaSulam (Rav Yehuda Ashlag) - the great 20th century Kabbalist - wrote songs and composed melodies as expressions of his spiritual attainments.


His music comes to us directly from the spiritual worlds, and has a deep emotional connection with the rises and falls a Kabbalist experiences in his coming into contact with spirituality. Many of his melodies are composed to text fragments from The Zohar and other Kabbalah texts, such as Bnei Heichala (words by the Ari), Ki Chilatzta Nafshi (words attributed by many to King David; others say the court of King David), Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach, Chasal Seder Pesach, LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha, and Kel Mistater.

Baal HaSulam wanted his students to sing Kabbalistic melodies, rather than the melodies that people were used to singing. He thus took some melodies from his teacher, Rav Admor from Pursov, and also created such melodies himself and taught them to his students.



Midi versions of Baal HaSulam's melodies


1.   Yedid Nefesh
2.   Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach
3.   Nigun
4.   Mizmor le David
5.   Misod Chachamim (version 1)
6.   LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha
7.   Krivu Li
8.   Ki Chilatzta Nafshi
9.   Kel Mistater (version 1)
10. Ia'ale Tachnuneinu
11. Bnei Heichala
12. Kel Mistater (version 2)
13. Misod Chachamim (version 2)
14. Medley


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Baal HaSulam's melodies in jazz/fusion arrangements


1.  Composition 1
2.  Composition 2
3.  Composition 3



Acid jazz, electronica, metal, funk and ambient versions of Baal HaSulam's melodies


1. Chasal Seder Pesach          
2. Azamer Beshvachin            
3. Bnei Heichala                    
4. Ki Chilatzta Nafshi              
5. Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach



Original recordings of the Kabbalist Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag singing Baal HaSulam’s melodies


1.   Bnei Heichala
2.   Mizmor le David
3.   Chasal Seder Pesach
4.   Misod Chachamim
5.   Yedid Nefesh
6.   Hine ke Chomer
7.   Kaddish
8.   Krivu Li
9.   Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach
10.  La Menatzeach al Shoshanim
11.  Nigun I
12.  Nigun II
13.  Nigun III
14.  March

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