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Nature’s Call to Unity

Children from Another World

It has been several months since we began our conversations on integral psychology, and during this time we have been trying to apply the method you describe. Based on this experience, I have some observations to present and some questions that I would like to pose to you today...

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Creating a New, Unifying Internet

Children are ready for the new reality, but parents are frightened by it. When we experimented with parents, it seemed like they were interested in the integral method, but as soon as they had a chance to try it out in practice, the habit of prohibitions was switched on. Also, parents are afraid of the internet and its possibilities, and try to control the information that children have access to, and indeed, many internet sites contain negative information. So what is the right way to allow a child to surf the internet?..

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The Revelation of the New World Is in Communication

What is so special about these internet venues of the new world? And how should they be fundamentally different from the ones that exist now?..

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The Internet Above Physical Contact

Is it advisable to have a gender or age division at the online venues where people will get together, or can the audience there be completely diverse, like in a natural situation where every person simply finds the closest and most interesting venue?..

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The Role of the Instructor in the Upbringing

If children aged 9 to 12 find a venue and start socializing there, is it necessary for an instructor to participate in this process in order to guide them?..

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The Parents’ Role in Integral Upbringing

Parents want to monitor their children in some way and to participate in these processes. They try to intrude on these networks under assumed names in order to observe what their children are up to. Is this appropriate?..

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A Method for Children and Adults

I work with parents who are learning the integral approach and the system of unification. They find it interesting to participate in this process. They aren’t just interested in waiting for the results from the children, but are convinced that they were born in a new world and deserve to feel it, that they deserve to exist in the integral, global humanity. Thus, both parents and children end up having a common interest, which is to transform themselves to suit the new matrix that Nature is presenting before them. That is why it is easy for us to find common ground between parents and children, since their aspirations are practically the same...

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A Differential, Integral Approach to Nature

For children, the process of learning about life is active and multifaceted. They have to learn how banks, hospitals, and depots work. They have to visit the zoo, fields where crops are grown, a planetarium, and so on...

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The Criterion for Success Is Man’s Integrity in the Environment

Every methodology has a criterion for evaluating its effectiveness. In a regular modern school, a child’s achievements are assessed by the amount of information he has learned, his diligence, his achievements in other fields, such as competitions, and so on...

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The Skill of Acting in Upbringing

Self-analysis is the most important thing. Therefore, it is very important to teach children the skill of acting. They have to be able to step out of themselves, put their “selves” aside, and play a different role. Say, I want to become another person. How do I imagine that person? How do I act him out? And how do I take my “self” and put it aside? This is the art of acting, and it is very important for a child. This enables him to impersonate and thereby understand others. Every child has to learn it, as well as psychology, and other techniques...

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