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A Method for Children and Adults

– I work with parents who are learning the integral approach and the system of unification. They find it interesting to participate in this process. They aren’t just interested in waiting for the results from the children, but are convinced that they were born in a new world and deserve to feel it, that they deserve to exist in the integral, global humanity. Thus, both parents and children end up having a common interest, which is to transform themselves to suit the new matrix that Nature is presenting before them. That is why it is easy for us to find common ground between parents and children, since their aspirations are practically the same.

The fact that this is easy for children but difficult for parents cannot be changed because it is a transitional period. Transitional periods are never easy: There are all sorts of impulses, fluctuations, and deviations from the balanced state.

But this community lives in a unified movement, as if it were going through an extremely interesting adventure or hobby, and that goes for parents and children alike.

I think that we shouldn’t take away from parents this opportunity to go through this positive change and reveal the new world. Their age is not an obstacle. If we involve them, then instead of being passive onlookers or even opponents, they will be active participants. This is our objective.

That is why we have to develop and disseminate the method of integral, global upbringing to all age groups.

– How does the method differ for adults and for children?

– It differs somewhat in the way it is implemented. The method for children involves studying with them for many hours at a time instead of regular school. The regular school program is reduced and replaced with an “educational hour,” although it isn’t really an hour, but many hours each day. Children take part in debates, forums, all types of socialization, and games.

Everything is aimed at showing a person that you can achieve positive results only when you are together with everyone. Everything that is not obtained together is negative.

This is a bit more difficult to show to adults. But then, you don’t have to show adults everything using examples from life. Adults need logical explanations using examples from Nature. Children, on the other hand, are not impressed by logic. They need direct explanations and examples. So there is a difference in the method, but in principle, age doesn’t matter.

– To realize the method among children, do they have to socialize and conduct discussions about what they saw and learned?

Adults mainly work internally, in their intention. Their communication with one another and the discernments they make are invisible. But should the parents also physically sit together in a circle like children and discuss things?

– We see that young people who fall in love are simply joined at the hip and go everywhere arm in arm. But afterwards their relationship settles into a calm phase when you simply exist together with the person you love and the two of you understand each other. You aspire to reduce the physical distance between you, but you no longer have the need to touch each other or to talk about your feelings.

In a sense, you shift to a “virtual” phase in your communication. You already understand and feel each other at a distance. You feel the solidarity which you have created in your relationship, so a calmer phase naturally sets in.

It is not that you stopped loving each other or that you don’t want to feel each other physically. It is a connection that has emerged between you, which no longer requires constant physical complementing, expression, and proof. And the same thing happens here.

When you have a group of children that have just begun assimilating this method, it is necessary to influence them through songs, dancing, games, communication, forums, debates, and so on. But when you have a group of people who are already moving toward this unification, who are already forming it inside of them, and are daily studying the method of the integral, global upbringing, then they do not require external, physical, showy actions. They understand that everything is present in that internal formation, and their work is done without any words. It happens in their feelings, just as between people who are close and understand each other without any words.

That is how people gradually unite, as it is written, “One man with one heart.” After all, a person does not talk with himself. Everything happens within him, automatically, even unconsciously. This is the kind of connection that has to emerge among people.

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