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A Differential, Integral Approach to Nature

For children, the process of learning about life is active and multifaceted. They have to learn how banks, hospitals, and depots work. They have to visit the zoo, fields where crops are grown, a planetarium, and so on.

Then, they should discuss how all these are interconnected. The concrete and fragmentary impressions of the world should eventually connect into a single, integral picture that will give them the impression of the world as one whole.

We are the ones who divide the worlds into parts, into still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. We also divide it into all kinds of sciences, but what sciences can there be in reality? It’s all Nature! Nature is one. It is only we who divide it into disciplines such as biology, zoology, botany, and geography because of our limited perception, because we cannot grasp everything at once.

We have to show people that there is a differential approach, an integral one. We have to make these two approaches evident and let people understand that the world is now transitioning from differentiation and division into sectors and levels, to one that is integral and entirely interconnected.

Even though we receive fragmentary impressions about how factories and banks work, or planetariums, depots, and so on, afterwards, we have to unite everything into one, single humanity. That way, whenever children see any phenomenon in the world, they will be able to perceive it as part of the common whole, and will therefore never make the wrong decision.

All of today’s crises are happening because we cannot approach the world integrally. This is why humanity keeps repeating the same mistakes. We cannot solve a single problem because we are not internally holistic. The only way to solve today’s world’s problems is by viewing the world as one whole. We have to talk to children about unity among people and how they can grow closer because this is the method of Nature. By doing this, we will awaken the single force of Nature and it will influence them. According to the law of equivalence of form, we will evoke the influence of Nature’s upper force upon them, the force that unites and includes everything, including us.

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