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Part 2. Realizing the Choice

The Freedom to Choose

Philosophers have sought all throughout history for the answer to the questions: “Is there freedom of choice?” They tried to define the concept of choice and reached the conclusion that there is only a limited freedom of choice in society, to those who have a developed personality...

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Controlling My Own Destiny

A person can determine his own destiny and consciously influence the environment he lives in. Our whole world lives at the expense of the light that comes down to us and clothes everything around us. This invisible light revives the entire reality...

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The Right Environment

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that if I place myself under the influence of a good environment, I adopt a desire for spirituality and the attainment of the purpose of creation. Such a desire would normally come only as a result of accumulated suffering over hundreds of years.However, through the positive influence of the environment, I can speed up the process significantly...

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The Law of Equivalence of Attributes

We do not say anything new in Kabbalah that goes against human logic. All the laws of natural sciences speak in one form or another about each part of creation striving for the center, for a physical-biological balance (whether an atom, a molecule, a still object or a living organ). This is the principle of every law of nature, and this is also the principle of Kabbalah, but Kabbalah relates those collective laws of creation to man...

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The Power of Thought

It all started with believing in supernatural powers. People believe that there are people with supernatural powers who can influence people and even large groups of people, foresee the future and even control it. People are willing to spend fortunes on healing, defense from ‘evil eye’ and fortune telling...

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A Chosen People

There is an order of development. We Jews, the ‘chosen people,’ have to be the first to get to know the forces that come from the upper world and use them correctly, in order to convey that knowledge to the rest of the world, and conduct the entire reality. That is the ‘choseness’ of our people. We must be the first to study it and pass it on to the rest of mankind. The progress of the Jews determines the progress of all the others, and right now we are very late, which causes the other nations to be late as well...

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Permission to Practice Kabbalah

For two thousand years, the study of Kabbalah was forbidden and there was a reason. In fact, all the books of Kabbalah, including the Torah (the Pentateuch) were written only for our time, when everyone needs to practice the science of Kabbalah. What we should all do now is open the Kabbalah books and begin to learn how to attain the upper world...

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A Kabbalistic Reality

Kabbalistic books are not like ordinary books. They’re not like the ones we buy in a bookstore, or like the ones we study in University. They are not even like the ones we study from in yeshivot (Rabbinical colleges). The special thing about the genuine books of Kabbalah is that reading them improves the reader, makes him feel something new, different, another sense, a sixth sense. It is in that sense that one begins to discover spirituality, see what is beyond our world. With it he begins to see the forces behind the objects of our world...

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Kabbalah as a Daily Reality

There is already an urgent necessity for the knowledge to reach everyone, individually and by government institutions. The various ministries of the government have to participate, possibly the ministry of education. In any case, it must be the relevant ministries that make decisions in order to lead us courageously to this necessary and vital change...

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Becoming Religious

Becoming religious is an ascent from our current degree to a degree called “man.” It is not that you change anything on the outside. You don’t have to change your clothes and take upon yourself to observe some external rules. Becoming religious is an inner change; it is your return to the upper force, the Creator, it is a unification with him and being alongside with him cooperating in the management of the world...

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A Spiritual Task

It is most urgent to realize that nothing just happens without a good reason, and that our behavior influences what comes down to us from the upper worlds. We cannot act like beat up little children, cry and search for ways to escape them until the next time. We are demanded to become a mature adult humanity; one that knows what it is doing and can assume responsibility to its actions...

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How to Study Correctly

If an ordinary person would open a Kabbalah book in the right way, meaning after he has studied the introductions and went through some preparations, after he’s been given a certain ‘key’, he would see how to communicate with the forces that act on him and our entire world, and will know what to do with them...

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