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Chapter 10. The Messiah and the End of Days

The Light of the Messiah

Do you believe that the Messiah will come? What is the coming of the Messiah and when will it happen? Is the Messiah a person or a force?..

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Kabbalah and the Messiah

How is the circulation of Kabbalah related to the coming of the Messiah? What should we expect now with the coming of the Messiah, and how should we understand it from the point of view of the Kabbalah?..

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The Messiah in the Zohar and in the Talmud

It is said in the Zohar that before the coming of the Messiah, everyone will learn Kabbalah. On the other hand, the Talmud says that “the face of the generation will be as the face of the dog,” meaning that everyone will be out for himself. How is it possible to reconcile those two arguments? In order for the Messiah to come, must everyone study Kabbalah?..

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What is the Sensation of Time?

The end of the world did not come in the year 2000, and you deny any reference to “human time.” What, then, is the sensation of time and where does it come from?..

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Prophecies That Did Not Come True

Contrary to all predictions, nothing happened in 1984, or at the end of the millennium. Are there similar events that await us in the near future?..

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War and Redemption

It says that the Messiah will come after Gog U Magog. What does this mean? Do we really have to wait for him, and if so, how do we prepare for his coming? What is the war of Gog U Magog?..

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Spirituality and the Temple

During the days following Pesach (Passover) we mourn for 24,000 of Rabbi Akiva’s disciples who lost their lives in an epidemic. What does this tragedy tell us from a perspective of Kabbalah?..

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The Third Temple – First in Our Hearts, Then in Stone

Do we have to look for the Ark? Rebuild one? How can we live without the Temple?..

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The Era of the “Secrets of the Torah”

Sooner or later the six thousand years will pass, the arguments will subside, the days of the Messiah will come and we will all unite with the Creator. What will we do afterwards? What will we create? Will we have to raise the animals, the plants and the rocks to a higher level?..

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