Daily Kabbalah Lesson

Lesson 1 Part 1 - How Do We Perceive Reality?

What is perception of reality? How do we perceive reality? What is reality in and of itself? The wisdom of Kabbalah states that only one force exists. Yet, we perceive many different forces acting on us, so what does it mean that there is only one force? Also, how can we perceive a single force if we currently perceive a complex web of multiple forces? The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to build the instrument of perception that gives us access to perceive the single force. How? Watch the lesson and find out together with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Lesson 1, 8/4/2017, part 1

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Original sources:   Perception of Reality: Lesson 1, 8/4/2017, part 1 (docx)

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