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A Congregation Is No Less than Ten

Dr. Laitman's summary of Rabash's article " A Congregation is No Less than Ten',Article No. 28, 1985-86

Everything we say is only in the form of, "By Your actions, we know You," and not before the deed appears to us.

Bestowing and receiving. One can enjoy to the measure of his craving. The vessel for receiving pleasure - craving.

The vessel that one initially received from the Creator, a vessel for Ohr Yashar (Direct Light), Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity). Then correction was done against the shame. For one to receive in equivalence of form with the Creator, corresponding to Ohr Hozer (Returning Light). Following the correction of Ohr Hozer, all the worlds and the many degrees extended, according to the strength of the lower ones. To bring contentment to the Creator, he may receive abundance and feel delight from the Creator, increasing the receiving of pleasures, without the shame impeding.

After the sin of Adam ha Rishon, man was made of "dust," receiving in order to receive from the impure worlds ABYA. He must receive strength from Above to bestow through Torah and Mitzvot, to bring contentment to the Creator. Prior to this desire, it is considered that he is in exile among the nations of the world, who enslave him in working only for self-love, receiving in order to receive.

"And they made a sanctified vessel." Yashar-El dwell in the place where the lower desires to bestow upon the Creator. "I will come to you and bless you," the Creator instills His Divinity.

A beast is one who is immersed in self-love and acts as a beast. "Why when I came" is that I came before you. "Before they call, I will answer." This means that the Creator gave a thought and a desire to pray. Yet, everyone is praying for self-love, like a beast. Thus, "Why when I came, was there no man?" I gave them the desire to pray for bestowal, to be Israel, and in the end "There was no man," since they are all praying for the needs of a beast.

Why can't Divinity be where there are less than ten? Because Malchut is called "tenth," the will to receive, and all the creatures extend only from Her. Hence, a congregation is no less than ten, since "There is no Light that does not contain ten Sefirot."  

"Why when I came, was there no man?" This refers to "man," not to "beast." It is referring to the kingdom of heaven, the tenth Sefira, meaning we must pray for the exile of Divinity. For the Creator gave you a desire to pray in litany for the exile of Divinity, and did not find anyone to pray for the tenth, rather they pray for the needs of beasts.

Not that he agrees to work in order to bestow only some of his time, rather when he takes upon himself the burden of the kingdom of heaven, he should ask of the Creator for it to be for all eternity, and not only while he is praying. That is the meaning of having to have ten present for prayer. Accepting the burden of the kingdom of heaven must be at once, permanently, over his whole life, a complete thing, for all eternity.

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