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Rabbi Hya's Vision

The Zohar reveals a new perspective on life: that all the troubles and suffering we experience are intended to make us realize our own imperfections. To rise to the perception of the complete reality, we need to prefer the internal to the external, to find opportunities to incorporate the wisdom of Kabbalah into our lives. When we do that, we will rise, like Rabbi Hya, to a higher spiritual state, to the reality we truly do exist in. In that state we will be like all the Kabbalists before us, and discover the reality where all the souls are united in their perfect state. more...

source: Kabbalah Today issue 7

If Thou Know Not, O Thou Fairest among Women

To exist in the Upper World, a soul must have equal qualities to those of the Creator. For this to be, the soul should develop its quality of loving and giving. This is why a soul that did not correct itself is told to leave, return to the corporeal reality, be born in a physical body, grow, and achieve a state where it stands on its own and can decide which path to take. more...

source: Kabbalah Today issue 6

A Wake-Up Call

The Zohar says that to live such a wonderful life, we must learn how to transcend our egos while we are still living in this world, and obtain the nature of the Creator, that of love and giving. When we learn how to love one another, we will rise to another level of existence and become similar to the Creator. more...

source: Kabbalah Today issue 4

A Glimpse of Radiance    

The Zohar is the most mysterious, and at the same time most significant book of Kabbalah. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that The Zohar, written 18 centuries ago, was made for our time. Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) opened it to us and rekindled what has long been forgotten from our hearts. more...

source: Kabbalah Today issue 3

Introduction to the Book of Zohar

Introduction to the Book of Zohar

Book containing Baal HaSulam's introductions to The Zohar, with commentary by Dr. Michael Laitman


“Baal HaSulam wrote five introductions to The Zohar: ‘Introduction to the Book of Zohar,’ ‘Preface to The Book of Zohar,’ ‘The Preamble to the Commentary of the Sulam,’ ‘Pticha-Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,’ and ‘General Preface.’ They provide us with the correct approach to the study of The Zohar, so that by tuning ourselves to it, we can draw the Upper, Divine Light, the force which ushers us into the spiritual realm.”

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, p. 296 in Introduction to The Book of Zohar.

Introduction to The Book of Zohar is an in-depth investigation, with Dr. Laitman’s commentaries, to two of these introductions: ‘Introduction to the Book of Zohar’ and ‘Preface to the Book of Zohar.’

The ‘Preface to the Book of Zohar’ section is indeed a life-changing experience. Here, Baal HaSulam plants key concepts in the readers’ mind, and Dr. Laitman makes certain we will perceive them as something completely new and removed from all of our past studies and experiences.

The concepts presented in the ‘Preface to the Book of Zohar’ are Kabbalistic concepts dealing with our perception of reality. Once they are planted, you can then use them to expand your perception endlessly. 

The ‘Introduction to the Book of Zohar’ section spans a wider range of concepts, covering the entire picture of creation, the evolution of souls, and discusses the responsibility of people in our times who have been granted a desire to ascend spiritually. On this topic, the last twenty pages of this book (from item 66 of Baal HaSulam’s article onward) form the greatest climactic finale out of all of Dr. Laitman’s books, discussing the causes of war and all personal and social misfortunes, their solution, and the direction the world will take if those who are responsible for implementing the solution do not complete their work in due time.

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