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Learning from History

We draw on ancient sources to form the foundations of this method. These sources were created in Ancient Babylon, where the same problem appeared for the first time: incorrect egoistic connections emerged in an integral society.

The residents of Babylon planned to collaborate in order to build a tower as high as the sky, but soon discovered that they could not understand one another. The confusion and the mixing of tongues is the lack of understanding of one another by many egoists.

Josephus Flavius wrote about it in a very interesting way. Three million people (back then this was the entire civilization) lived on a small territory, bound by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Having abundant sun and water, people grew barley, wheat, and garlic, and caught fish. Their food contained all of the necessary elements. These were wonderful conditions for an ancient civilization. But all of a sudden, the residents of Babylon couldn’t stand being together. As a result, they drifted apart in every direction. Every family, clan, and guild went in different directions and founded nations. But back then there was room for them to disperse from one another, and by doing that they were able to pacify their state of separation.

Today we are in the same situation. We are building our civilization like that “tower as high as the sky,” wishing to consume everything. We are draining the last drops of what the earth has to offer—minerals, metals, coal, petroleum, and gas. But at the end of the tube that humanity has inserted into the earth, emptiness is starting to glare back at us.

And we understand that we are facing the end because the civilization we have built does not have anything to sustain it anymore.

Thus, a very serious question arises: What are we doing!? How can we come to our senses? How can we educate people ahead of time, before the end arrives?

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