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Upbringing on TV

– You have a wholesome, harmonious method that is based on ancient sources and laws of Nature. We are already seeing the results of it on children who are being brought up in your system. But this is still many miles away from “the people.” How can we deliver your method to parents the world over?

– I think we have to create TV programs because there is a TV set in every home. There should be a channel that is free of charge, which will constantly broadcast interesting, pleasant-to-watch programs.

This kind of channel is also favorable for the authorities and wealthy people because it will calm people down, make them friendlier, and will lower tensions. It is aimed at raising children and it answers the public demand in some sense, the public’s desire to bring back the positive elements of a socialistic society. It won’t require any redistribution on the part of the authorities at this moment, and it will be aimed only at upbringing.

We are not talking about the fact that today we are already starting to redistribute property and make it accessible to the entire population or the whole world. We are saying that it is necessary to raise people in the spirit of friendship, cooperation, and unity. This position cannot have any official opponents (although of course, certain nationalist movements can always see this as conflicting with their ideas, but they are very insignificant forces).

This is a sure-fire idea! It is natural! And it doesn’t involve any coercion! We will implement it in life only to the extent that people are required to unite in order to survive (and we will see this over the next few years). Before that happens, we simply hear, understand, and study it, similar to how a student studies for 5 or 6 years prior to beginning to work and applying the knowledge.

– We have been talking openly about this method for several months now and there are already a lot of people who are interested in it, including famous scientists, academics, and world-recognized specialists. They want to actively collaborate with us. Should we interact with them?

– Of course! Where are these people? What would they like to hear from me? I am ready to speak to everyone, to explain and develop the method, because in principle, I am alone for now. But interaction with other people, especially from other fields of research, could help to clarify and supplement what’s needed.

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