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A Healing Program for Society

– Suppose we create the ideal environment in which a child forms, but later he has to become integrated in the larger society. The problem is that there is nothing to become integrated into. There is no society and the social institutions are destroyed. And children don’t aspire anywhere because they see that there is nowhere for them to go.

By raising these children on the laws of Nature, should we create new social institutions as they grow, or will they have to become part of something amorphous and completely unclear?

– Now we aren’t talking about society, but about children. Without destroying anything and without creating anything new, we have to deliver our system of upbringing to every person.

If we are talking about society, then we need a special government program that would come down to having every person receive an hour a day from his employer at his workplace to watch and participate in this kind of program during work. He would continue receiving the same salary, but would be obligated to study for an hour of that time.

We’re talking about viewing TV programs at the workplace where people from one or several departments get together in a hall. We broadcast a specific program to them where they see a group that shows them an example of the right interaction and analysis of specific conflicting situations.

In every company there must be a preparatory educator who will begin working with these people after they have watched several programs like this. Everything is aimed at showing a person that unification above egoism is productive.

I think the entire collective will immediately feel the result, including the grateful employer who won’t feel that he is wasting an hour a day to have his workers do this. However, this is no longer a school program, although it practically follows the same method. We show a person who he is, what drives him, how to rise above himself and become included in another, and how to come out of himself. This involves role-playing where by acting out different roles we see ourselves from aside.

I think we will see how people begin to understand and warmly accept this approach. This program was initially prepared for children. It revitalizes society, making it more consolidated and warm, lowering tension and crime. It is bound to be accepted with gratitude and welcomed by the government. If presented correctly, through distinguished, famous scientists and social activists, it cannot fail.

We don’t have any other choice. If not now, then a few years down the line this will be much more necessary and in demand—but it’s a shame to let the time go by!

We will see how beneficial this upbringing is for everyone and in everything that surrounds us. We have to demonstrate that all problems lie in man’s attitude to himself and others—to his environment.

We understand that it is very easy to turn a society into a dictatorship, in which case it stops being a society altogether. Democratic societies in the world existed or exist with the presence of many reservations, laws, and limitations because man’s nature is aimed at buying up everything, suppressing it, not giving anything to anyone, and sharing with others only to the extent they can please you or service you in some way. This is the law of egoism.

All of the so-called democracy is built on preventing one egoist from running wild. It’s necessary for other people to participate in ruling over society. That is, it’s necessary to create a circle of egoists. They can do practically anything, while others are allowed slightly less. We will give them something for their existence too, and will give even less to a wider and lower circle yet. That is to say, for the sake of self-preservation, a hierarchy is created in the egoistic society.

The world is controlled by individuals, a small group whose members know each other very well and own everything. Everyone else gets whatever falls into their lot. That is how it’s organized from above.

But now we are reaching a state where these powerful circles also understand the finite nature of their existence. They might have an enormous amount of precious metals, stones, and cash, but this won’t save them because without becoming an integral world, we will simply consume ourselves like cancer and will cease to exist. Therefore, I think there is an audience we can turn to and a goal we can reach.

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