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Rotation Is Necessary

Say we create this kind of camp and we have children of different ages who are ready to take part in it, and who are already imbued with this method of integral upbringing. There are many organizational questions: Should the groups of children be fixed? Meaning, should a child be in one group for the entire camp or can we mingle them?

– Definitely mingle them. It doesn’t even matter whom a child knows or doesn’t know by name because we are getting them accustomed to the integral worldwide society, so they shouldn’t care what someone’s name is. I don’t even care about his personality, thoughts, or feelings. All I know is that his attitude toward me is the same as mine toward him. We are trying to unite, to rise above our egoism and treat each other kindly. But how he handles himself on the inside and what he feels while doing that, how he struggles with his own self is his personal business.

I simply have to help him. I must deliberately show him my good attitude. That way I help him overcome the egoistic outbursts within him and rise above them toward me with the same kindness and friendship.

– How do children of different ages interact with one another in this kind of camp?

– This is difficult. Even though they are learning the same method, they still have different attitudes toward the world, a different understanding of life, and inner makeup. Therefore, groups cannot be made without consideration of age.

However, we can create different combinations of these groups. For example, we can bring a group of 10 to 15 ten year olds and five 15 year olds whom we permit and guide to be the organizers and educators for the younger kids. Then the younger children will naturally learn from them and will be proud of having this opportunity.

That is, we do not mix up the group. We simply use the fact that younger kids naturally learn from older ones and are very proud when the older kids pay attention to them.

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