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Learning from Artificial Obstacles

– You said that a child’s temporary space must be well organized. What’s the best way to do that?

– The workday or school day has to be organized so the element of upbringing is present everywhere, in every activity, and in the daily routine. For example, arrange things so there is just one washing point and see whether they will fight over it or not. And start raising them right there and then. Or set up a very narrow place for food distribution or an insufficient amount of chairs, and look at how they behave.

They have to be placed in a position where they unwillingly have to adapt to your method and immerse themselves in new types of relationships. Otherwise they won’t be able to stand it.

A child has to feel comfortable in any uncomfortable circumstance precisely because he rises above his egoism and treats others differently.

There are many opportunities to use deliberately placed obstacles to give them a hint that at every obstacle, at the barrier that is in front of them, they have to lift themselves to the human level and then everything will look different.

And many barriers of this type have to be created during the day, such as in games and on trips where they can’t manage without one another. Maybe they will have to lie down one under another because that’s the only way they will be able to overcome some obstacle.

This is well developed in the army and it’s a worthwhile concept to borrow from the military. Suddenly someone might need to be carried on a stretcher or obstacles might arise where one person has to lie down and everyone else runs over him.

Special obstacles have to be selected and placed on every corner and at every turn. They can be physical or moral, and their objective is to constantly make the children collide with each other and then raise themselves higher. It’s a constant training session.

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