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Sitting with Friends by the Bonfire

– Should there be flag raising in the morning and anthems at the end of the day? Should there be uniforms, and so on?

– We should have our own flag at these places, but no uniform. Maybe there can be special hats or T-shirts, but they don’t even have to be identical. Maybe every group can have its own. But this is not necessary because the groups will be shuffled anyway.

However, we should have a banner of the future humanity, or something of that type. It shouldn’t be done out of pride, as if to say, “Here we are, against everyone else.” That kind of sentiment should definitely not be there. On the contrary, we are turned toward everyone with a bright face and an open heart.

The word “We” has to be written on the banner. And “We” is not ours or yours; it’s everyone together, the common humanity.

– Should the day start with everyone gathering to raise a flag, and music?

– I think this would be good. The children should have a chance to feel proud, to be reminded of their great mission.

– Can we invite adult musical groups to these camps?

– What for? We will create musical ensembles right there, on the spot. Children have to have guitar lessons. They will all be happy to learn this. We should never have people from outside come there. Over three months we will create wonderful musical groups. This tremendously helps people to express themselves. Let them beat on the drums as much as they want there.

– Should we celebrate holidays there? And if yes, what should we celebrate?

– We have to celebrate our own holidays. Say we went on a hike. After the hike we perform, have a festive meal, give out ice-cream and sweets. And this is a holiday for us. It can include songs and maybe a bonfire.

There shouldn’t be any general national or folk holidays. At least it shouldn’t be done in a prominent, flashy way. This distracts everyone.

The most important thing is the integral society.

– You mentioned bonfires. Can you explain the significance of this phenomenon of people getting together around a fire?

– It’s an ancient human drive. A person cannot tear himself away from a fire, from looking at the fire and feeling its warmth. Sometime we have to use these opportunities. But in principle, this should be done in order for the children to plan and direct this evening by themselves ahead of time, including their own songs or songs that were written by our friends previously, specifically for these types of gatherings. In principle, it’s a gathering of friends around a bonfire. But it can also happen without the bonfire.

– When people sit around a bonfire, sometimes a very warm atmosphere, a special setting is created. Can we use that?

– Yes, but I think that people won’t particularly feel the difference whether it happens by a bonfire or elsewhere. I think these children will begin to have such a feeling of togetherness that it won’t depend on external conditions.

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