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Humanity’s Lifesaver

– There is a question about the prestige of the profession of educator. Currently it is not popular.

– When I was young I had a friend who was older than me and who had just finished school with the highest honors. By the laws of that time he could attend any academic institution, including the Moscow State University, without taking any exams. But he chose the local pedagogical institute.

Many years later I asked him, “What did you choose!? You could have gone anywhere you wanted! Physics, chemistry, biology—everything was open to you, any profession.” It was enough for a simple lad from a provincial city to present his diploma with the highest honors on it, and he could already be a student of the Moscow State University! And he replied, “The profession of an educator was so honorable that I had no doubt about where to go to study since I had the chance to enter a pedagogical institute without any exams.”

I was 7 or 8 years younger than him. Over these years the priorities had changed and teaching became a completely unappreciated profession! The people attending pedagogical departments were those who wanted to get a higher education but were afraid they wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else. The only department worse than the pedagogical department was humanities. I remember this “honor” hierarchy.

But now we are facing a crisis that we can only come out of by rearing the new generation of educators. Today there is no person more important than an educator, but an educator (not a teacher), who understands the current and next state of humanity that we have to reach if we are to survive. He theoretically and practically builds the young generation and shows all of humanity the new, positive level. He is the modern-day savior.

Everything depends on the extent to which we can show, through mass media, that the crisis has only one solution. And only these people—the educators, are our lookouts, our leaders.

Great preliminary work will be required to explain this to a wide circle of the population. But I think that on the backdrop of the crisis in education and upbringing, the situation in families, and problems such as abundant drug abuse and depression, it won’t be difficult to raise the importance of the right upbringing.

– For now, an educator or a teacher is unfortunately not a prestigious profession. And it’s very rare to notice real men in children’s establishments, men who are educated and strong, who have a real personality, who look like and are wholesome people. By the way, your center is different in this regard because the men working there are real, educated men. This is the first place like it that I have seen.

– How can it be any other way!? We entrust our children, the most precious thing we have, the future of the world, to these people! In 10 years these children will become adults and will take our place. Today we are forming the future world—our children and grandchildren. There is nothing more important to a person than to be sure that his children will continue the right path and will feel good, comfortable, and safe in their world!

Even animals choose their place of gathering, form their flocks, and build dens based solely on considerations of the safety of their offspring. To them, it is the most important thing. All research of the animal kingdom shows that their behavior is guided by care for the safety of the youngsters.

And what about us? Let’s at least be on the level of animals! Of course, we will rise higher as well, but let’s provide at least this level for now.

Yet in the meantime parents are forced to throw their children to the whim of fate, to place them in learning establishments where they don’t know what is being done to them. Boys start to come out of women’s influence only at age 18! And after that they go to the army [in Israel], where everything turns out completely opposite to their previous experience. They go through an enormous inner crisis, a shock. Life appears completely different because it starts being arranged in a male manner rather than a female one. And because they are not adapted to that, they are forced to break themselves.

We shouldn’t raise Spartans, but we should prepare them for the right interaction with one another. Women cannot transmit this to men because their interaction is special, female, with each of them existing by herself. They can be imbued by some common movement, but while still remaining separate.

For men, movement forward happens only in cooperation, friendship, and unity. Therefore, boys are completely unprepared for the future state, in which they are integrally connected, comprising one, single humanity, “we” instead of “me.” Women cannot prepare them for that!

It’s necessary to have educated, strong, male educators who have a good understanding of the integral psychology, who know how to attune every child separately and all of them together toward cooperation, who can demonstrate every step of the way that we cannot achieve any goal without unity, that any solution can be achieved only through greater unity between us.

When a person faces any challenge, he should immediately have the right reaction to it. He should immediately think, “In order to solve it, I need to unite with others, and only in the unity with them will I find the right path.”

– How can this situation be turned around so that well-bred men would nevertheless understand how important this work is and would start raising children?

– The crisis is developing and demonstrating to us the critical necessity of this profession.

There are seven billion people currently on the planet. Half of them are women, who will become female educators.

But of the other half of the population, the male one, about 30% are children. Everyone requires upbringing, but we are talking about children first and foremost. This means that 20 percent of the world population needing upbringing are children of different ages, up to age 18. It turns out that over a billion people are children. If we consider that there has to be one educator for every five children, then can you imagine how many educators we need!? About 300 million. And this is a profession requiring a good preparation and the right people, who need to be selected.

We are talking about unemployment, about the fact that we don’t know what to do with the excessive population of the earth? Then reform all of this population, make consumption reasonable, without excess in one place and hunger in another. Find these 300 million educators, who have to become real reformers of the world. And then you will see a completely different layout of the entire human civilization! This is what we should aspire to.

Naturally, UNESCO, the UN, all of the international organizations and governments must take part in this process. All the resources should go toward restructuring interpersonal relationships and creating them on a completely different basis.

The most important thing is the preparation of the educators, the instructors who will raise the next generation. For the first time in history, we are working on building a human being, raising the human being in man.

A person is first and foremost an integral unit of society! Integral, not individual, which is what we currently consider the highest value.

The crisis is forcing us to rebuild all of society. Care about the future, about the doomed generation, will become the reason for humanity’s correction. That is how children raise the parents, forcing them to change.

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