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The World Department of Education

– Should people be able to enhance their professional knowledge by traveling to other countries to exchange experiences?

– I think it’s necessary to create a Supreme Council of educators, similar to UNESCO or as part of UNESCO. It should have great authority and be highly respected. Its tasks will include developing methods and recommendations, maintaining contact with the whole world, and adapting the method of integral upbringing to different parts of society.

The current human society consists of seven or eight civilizations whose contact with one another is very negative and conflicting. We should create a method of upbringing for each of them that will smooth out their contact with the others, until they become completely included in one another. This is an enormous task that can only be carried out by a great number of specialists. But there has to be one brain center.

– What is that brain center? How is it structured?

– It will consist of people who understand what is happening in Nature and in the human society, and have the ability to unmistakably discern which qualities in us can be corrected using our freedom of will, which of our qualities we can actually change in order to become a harmonious part of Nature.

These people can feel what separates us from Nature—the conflicts, separation, and antagonism. They perceive our opposition to Nature very keenly and can therefore discern what we should change and how we can do it.

These people exist, and they have to be brought up. They will comprise the backbone of humanity’s ministry of upbringing.

– A government of sages has always appealed to people. Throughout all of history people dreamed of a society that would be governed by sages.

You said that there are several civilizations and the conflicts between them can be smoothed out by upbringing. Can you give an example of at least two civilizations, and how you see their unification happening?

– Today there are conflicts between the European, American, South American, African, and Asian civilizations, the Asian one dividing into several: China, India, and the Arab countries.

This is an enormous gathering of civilizations that are coercively connected and intermingled, and which are in friction with one another. Unwillingly, we are connected by common technologies and are forced to be in contact with one another.

Previously, we were divided. Within each of these civilizations, egoism worked correctly, people understood each other, knew the conditions of a non-conflicting co-existence, and everything was normal. But today civilizations are starting to collide and to chafe against one another with sharp edges. For example, look at what’s happening between the European civilization and Islam.

China is on the rise, being an obscure body that exists throughout the whole world in the form of hundreds of millions of immigrants from China. Just a few decades ago this was a completely closed country! But today it’s the opposite. It is becoming open to everyone and is coming out to every country in the world.

The world is changing very quickly, while our upbringing is not keeping up with these changes. Nature is bringing us together, while we are reluctant to communicate with one another. This is particularly evident in Europe, which is being encroached by other civilizations. They live there in insulated islands, implanting their culture and wishing to live in their own way. But Europe cannot absorb them in this form, and as a result, frictions emerge. For now we are trying to smooth them out somehow, but it’s an explosive situation. When it explodes, it will be an extremely powerful blast that will reverberate the world over because these improper mixtures exist everywhere.

– So you’re saying that integral upbringing will make children of different civilizations similar to one another?

– There won’t be any difference between them! We are doing this in our groups, and there is no difference between the children. But this kind of upbringing cannot be implanted by force. People have to want it.

Everything has to submit to the common “we,” the unity, which Nature exemplifies for us. And there is no other option. Whoever is against it is an enemy of Nature (but not ours, mine, or your personal enemy). He simply does not have the right to continue to exist in this form; he has to change himself!

– We are currently exposing and offering this method to different civilizations. Will they accept it for their upbringing?

– We cannot go against Nature because we exist within it. We cannot invent our own laws if there are laws of gravity, preservation of energy, informatics, and so on.

It’s necessary to clearly discern the laws of proper interpersonal interaction in the integral world. And if someone doesn’t want to study and observe these laws, we won’t accept such people into our system. Then they will realize that it’s impossible to go against Nature, or they will simply see the kind of suffering and losses this leads to.

The future has to be integral. This is what we are discovering today.

– Will it be that obvious?

– You can find thousands of articles on Google, researches in any field of science, describing what our world is becoming. They all say that the world is round and integral, that all of its parts are interconnected and intermingled in one another, and that only humanity is egoistic, opposite from Nature. We will survive only if we set ourselves right by balancing ourselves with Nature.

These are not my personal theories. I read about it in hundreds of articles by serious scientists who research this problem from different sides and positions. They include representatives of different civilizations and they are not fanatics. They understand that we have to follow Nature instead of being stubborn and resisting it.

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