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Seventeenth Talk: What Happens After the Final Correction?

Does our body remain after the Final Correction of the intent? Nothing is said about our biological body. It does not belong to the area of correction. Nothing changes in it except for the process of aging. Correction is necessary only for the desire to receive and enjoy. Our body is a piece of meat that needs sleep, animal pleasures, food, rest, etc. It has nothing in common with inner spiritual corrections. Therefore, no changes are being made in the body while the soul is changing. The character does not change either. My Rav was running all the time, even at the age of 80; he just wasn’t able to walk slowly. That was the character, which did not change. Today, we cannot even imagine how we will perceive the world when our soul is corrected. Our body will lose all its value. Will the universe and all around us be kept intact? Will we give birth to children at that time? Will we live and die? It is today that our life is full of suffering and troubles. We cannot imagine how our present animal existence could be fulfilled with spirituality after the Final Correction.

Illnesses result from inner corrections, and in some sense, they should disappear later on. We talk only about corrections up to 6000 years. Today, we cannot explain the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, and the tenth millennia, as it is not possible to explain what it means to be without the biological body after the end of living in our world. In the same way it is not possible to explain how our body remains after the Final Correction. Because each of our present states is connected to its root as a branch, and the things mentioned above lack such connections.

We correct only those parts of egoistic desires which become united with and embedded into altruistic desires during the breaking of vessels. We do not correct the ego itself. Therefore, we cannot imagine the complete picture of conformity and similarity of the Final Correction. If we really felt this picture then on Shabbat, everyone would be absolutely healthy and no one would die on Shabbat. We have no possibility at all to imagine the state named “perfection”.

From Above, a man receives a response to his question but not at the same time when he sends his request-prayer. It could happen even after several months. In the spiritual space, a Kabbalist can feel the states of holidays and Shabbat on any other day.

If, for example, my soul joined someone else’s then that someone would feel the question I had. And I have another question already. And these questions change every time. This is named circulation of souls. How such leaps happen and why is beyond our understanding. But there exists comprehension in spirituality, such that starting with this comprehension and further on a man can see how connections and disconnections of souls occur. More precisely, such a process can be described as a flow from one soul into the other. But there is no precise definition to this. In any human, there is something collective and something private. The collective does not change while the private can change.

As soon as a person wants to receive something from the Creator and comes to the state of revelation of the Creator’s face, then his soul is ready to receive the Light of the Creator, and, of course, receives it right away. The instantaneous fulfillment of any desire is what makes the spiritual world so different than the corporeal one.

It is written in “Pri Hacham” that the property of Malchut, clothed in worlds, is named “Ani” – “I”. This property extends down to the world of Assiya, where each person senses it as some independent entity. “Ani” always stays within a person, but in a corrected state. As soon as a person corrects his “Ani” he starts feeling the Creator.

The breaking of vessels played a huge positive part in the further correction of desires. Without it we would have stayed in still, vegetative and animate states forever, and would have never been able to find even the finest connection with the Creator.

Our biological body contains sensations of every sort and kind. The spiritual body contains ten Sefirot instead. And there is no connection between them. It is not possible to say that my vision is a result of spiritual vision, which is named Hochma and reflects the sensation of a certain light in the corresponding spiritual vessel. For example, the sensation of light Haya in the vessel of Aviut Aleph by the means of a screen.

There is a field of waves around us. Each of our sense organs can perceive waves of certain frequency. The same takes place in spirituality. But there is a certain kind of light, which enters the pre-assigned vessel. However, there is no connection between the system of animal senses and the perception of spiritual Light.

While being in the left line, a man corrects it by the means of the right line later on, to build the middle line out of these two. The middle line enables him to become similar to the Creator, according to the degree of his correction. Thereon one can say the present step is passed. But then, again, I fall into the left line, and again, I have to correct it with the right line, building a middle line out of them later on. Again, through these steps, I take a certain portion of Creator’s Light in, which makes me even more similar to Him. And then, the next step is passed, etc., etc. It may seem boring from aside, but this is the spiritual ascent: constantly intermittent perceptions of deficiency and fulfillment. This is called “life”, and it is a magical feeling! Strong sensations of hunger and beautiful satiation go hand in hand with each other.

The maximum correct use of our desire to receive at each step is a must for a transition to the next step.

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