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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Woman's Nature

In reality, a woman’s nature is a very good one. After all, a woman’s ultimate necessity is to be given the opportunity to express love. She wants to have a man that will be able to apprehend the self-expression of her love and her desire to be loved.

A man does not even need to express very much. She only needs to know that he exists. In this case she is able to live by developing her image of love in relation to him. I understand a woman’s character and can only empathize and feel bad together with you. Men are not ready for this; it is part of being uncorrected. If they knew a woman needs only to be given the opportunity to express her feelings and her devotion then they would acquire very much. That which a woman must receive from a man is such a triviality, yet she is unable to receive it.

The reason for this comes from the spiritual root. Therefore women in our world suffer more than men. This will become corrected only in the Final Correction as a consequence, or as branch directly from its root. Nothing can be done about this problem until that takes place.

This problem originates in the first tragedy that took place between a man and woman and it will exist this way until the last couple before the End of Correction. Men will not understand women and they will not be able to give them the necessary small drop of correct relation towards them. They will not understand that a woman is able to build her relation, union and absolutely everything on this drop. This has to come as a consequence of spiritual correction.

This can never become corrected in this world. It is possible only through the point of union with the Creator.

Question: In the beginning the Creator created man, and then He understood that he is capable of more and created a woman?

That’s a nice way to put it. I agree. There must be complete interaction between man and woman. The false opposition between them comes only from lack of understanding of the degree to which we depend on each other. We can ascend to the level of the Creator only if we connect with each other spiritually. Therefore a man who attains correction begins to understand the necessity and importance of a spiritual connection with a woman.

Question: Can the root of a woman’s soul be higher than the root of a man’s soul?

Of course. I always bring as an example the fact that we have had women-prophetesses. In those times, if there was a prophet in a generation, everyone else had to listen to him. All the men carried out everything those prophetesses said regarding all questions, and they led the whole nation. These women are Dvora, Sarah, Hulda and Leah. The level of a prophet is the highest level. Therefore in this case a woman’s soul is not lower than a man’s. Believe me you will not have any reason to complain to the Creator about the fact that you are a woman.

Question: How should a woman live in this world?

Firstly, a person should live in this world in the same way as everyone else, as much as he or she is able to do this. That is, if possible a woman should have a family, children, a husband, work, and fully participate in the life of the surrounding society (it is also created on purpose, in order for us to grow spiritually within it).

If a woman has a family then she is obligated to fulfill all responsibilities that are allotted to her as a woman. That is, she must serve her husband and children, feed them, do the laundry and clean. Of course, you may complain about a “woman’s fate”, but it is this way. If she wants to study Kabbalah, she can study it after completing all of those things.

Question: How can we create correct conditions in order to correct the soul of a single woman?

This is not important. Whether a person is single or not, the soul is always the same. She always works alone, together with the Creator. Therefore a person always feels alone when he is working on his correction. The intention comes as a result of methodological work.

Question: Why is nationality determined by the mother?

In the Introduction to the Science of Kabbalah Yehuda Ashlag writes that every following Partzuf is not birthed on the Reshimo (memory) of the light, meaning the masculine part that remains from the previous Partzuf. Rather, it is born on the Reshimo from the desires, which is the female part that determines all its attributes. Therefore a Partzuf is named according to its beginning Reshimo or its “mother”, from which it was born. Consequently it gives birth to the entire process of the intra-uteral development and birth inside of the mother. This occurs when Partzufim become divided into pairs in the world of Atzilut and they give birth to lower Partzufim or children. Correspondingly in our world we accept this as the basis for naming and defining an object according to its origin.

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