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The Unchanging State and the Ascents of the Worlds of BYA

Having failed to receive all the light at one go, the world of the Nikudim could not exist, so the light was left above the Parsa in the world of Atzilut, while correction of the broken vessels continues above the Parsa. The total amount of light above the Parsa divides into 6000 parts; each of them must go through 6000 levels or corrections. It resembles a huge column consisting of 6000 people (called one generation). Each generation must climb all 6000 steps.

The world of Atzilut corrects the vessels only up to the Ateret haYesod, i.e., the vessels of Malchut, while the Zat de Yesod receives no light. Hence, due to the inverse relation between the lights and the vessels, only the following lights can enter the Partzufim of the world of Atzilut: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, and Vak de Haya. The lights Yechida and Gar de Haya do not enter the Partzuf. This means that we use only the vessels of GE (with lights Nefesh and Ruach inside), while of AHP, only their inclusion in the GE (with the lights Neshama and Gar de Haya) is used. Atzilut conditions the correction in this way, so that the law of TB would never be violated. Real AHP cannot be worked with; it is impossible to fill them with light. The only opportunity is to lift them to GE, i.e., work only with those AHP that are able to become similar to GE.

Each fragment that feels the desire to be corrected consists of the 10 Sefirot or four Behinot. Keter, Hochma and Gar de Bina can be corrected and filled with light, but Zat de Bina, ZA and Malchut cannot. Only a very small part of the desires that receives an insignificant amount of the light is corrected. This continues until the Mashiach comes; then the entire AHP rise to the world of Atzilut and are filled with the light, which means the Gmar Tikkun.

134) We already know that the transition to Gadlut took place in three stages: 1) Holam (a point above the letter), 2) Shuruk (a point inside the letter) and 3) Hirik (a point under the letter). According to this, now let us examine two kinds of supplementations of the 10 Sefirot with the subsequent reception of the Mochin de Gadlut.

The first kind of supplementation occurs because of the rise of the Partzuf by way of its inclusion into the upper one. For example, when ZON de AK pass the new light to Keter de Nikudim through the Tabur and lower Malchut from the Nikvey Eynaim de Keter to its Peh, this leads to the rise of AHP de Keter from the Rosh de Aba ve Ima, which create 10 complete Sefirot in Keter.

The GE de Aba ve Ima rose together with AHP de Keter and joined the 10 complete Sefirot de Keter, since the lower object rising to the level of the upper becomes equal to it. Hence, it is assumed that when the AHP de Keter rose, Aba ve Ima also received the AHP for the completion of 10 Sefirot by including them in Keter.

Keter acquires its own AHP, completes its Partzuf to 10 Sefirot, and receives the light of the Mochin de Gadlut. So what AHP is received by GE de Aba ve Ima? It is definitely not their own AHP. The rise of one’s own AHP requires a lot more power, since each lower object is worse off than the one above it. Keter received the light according to its anti-egoistic force. The rise of AHP de Aba ve Ima requires a more powerful light than that which lifted the AHP de Keter; therefore, the GE de Aba ve Ima take the AHP de Keter.

There is no quantitative division in the spiritual world; one can receive as much as one wants. The division is qualitative. Keter and Aba ve Ima passed to the state of Gadlut with the help of the same AHP de Keter. Supplementing Aba ve Ima to 10 Sefirot is called the First Supplementation.

When man reaches the next level, it means that he equals its measure of correction, but not by his personal properties, “chromosomes”. In other words, two people on the same level merge into one new vessel according to the measure of their altruistic intention. Only the extent of correction unites people on the same level and makes them equal to it.

The light that descends from above for correcting a certain Partzuf does not have enough power to correct the one below it, because it is more egoistic; hence, its correction requires more power. The light AB-SAG allows the vessel to feel the Creator’s greatness and become like Him, i.e., to start doing altruistic actions.

Keter of the world of Nikudim gains this power, but GE de Aba ve Ima receive light from AHP de Keter, along with the opportunity to rise to Keter, together with them. However, this is the level of AHP de Keter, whereas AHP de Aba ve Ima remains in its place so far. Meanwhile, GE de Aba ve Ima also rise, at the same time staying in their place, since nothing disappears in the spiritual worlds. Hence, GE de Aba ve Ima, which rose similarly as GE de Keter, also receive a new state with the help of AHP de Keter.

If something changes in Atzilut, this world and the worlds BYA simultaneously move up one or more levels. Similarly, they can also descend, but not lower than their constant state of Katnut. There are three states in Gadlut: the use of Bet de Aviut (Awzen), Gimel de Aviut (Hotem), and Dalet de Aviut (Peh). The three ascents of the worlds ABYA take place in compliance with these three states of Gadlut.

In the state of Katnut, the vessels work only with GE, but not with AHP; hence, the latter are hidden inside of the GE located below. The light AB-SAG comes from above and gives the Partzuf Keter power to lift and attach its own AHP, which fell into the GE de Aba ve Ima. This process is called AHP de Aliyah (AHP of Elevation). The GE de Aba ve Ima is partially filled at the expense of AHP de Keter; to be completely filled, they must use their own AHP.

135) The Second Supplement of the Partzuf to 10 Sefirot consists in the fact that a certain level acquires its 10 Sefirot by its own strength. This happens when the new light shines through Yesod of the world of AK (called Nekuda de Shuruk – a point inside the letter).

This luminescence was destined for Aba ve Ima de Nikudim. Assisted by it, Malchut descended from the Nikvey Eynaim to the Peh de Aba ve Ima and elevated its AHP from GE de ZON to Rosh de Aba ve Ima, which completed the vessels of Aba ve Ima to 10 Sefirot by their own strength, i.e., with the help of their own AHP. In the first case, the completion to the 10 Sefirot were at the expense of the connection between GE de Aba ve Ima and the AHP de Keter that waspreserved during their ascent and attachment to Keter. In the second case, it happened with their own AHP in their own place.

136) Similarly, there are two methods of supplementing the Zat de Nikudim to 10 Sefirot. The first is with the help of luminescence through Shuruk and elevation of AHP de Aba ve Ima to GE de Aba ve Ima. This is accompanied by the rise of GE de Zat, with their subsequent reception of AHP de Aba ve Ima for supplementing their Sefirot to 10. These AHP de Aba ve Ima are not real AHP de Zat de Nikudim, and their insignificant luminescence is sufficient only for supplementing the Sefirot de Zat to 10 in the place of Aba ve Ima (i.e., one level higher), and not in their own location.

The second method consists in the fact that the light from Aba ve Ima reaches the Zat, which start lowering their screen from the Chazeh to the Sium de AK, and elevate their Tifferet-Netzah-Hod-Yesod from the BYA in order to attach them to their GE. Had there been no breaking of the vessels, they would have had to supplement the GE de Zat to 10 Sefirot by their own strength, i.e., with the help of their actual AHP, whereupon the entire process of filling Malchut de Ein Sof with the light would have been done.

As soon as ZON wished to supplement itself to 10 Sefirot, the vessels broke. Later on, we will study how the AHP will attach to their GE in the world of Atzilut in order to avoid a new breaking. In Atzilut, this method will prevent independent attachment of the AHP, i.e., the second method of supplementation that led to the breaking must be abolished.

Keter is just the 10 Sefirot. Aba ve Ima consists of two parts: Aba (the upper part, Panim, able to receive the light) and Ima, which is Achoraim as regards Aba and receives light only on a request from ZON. Then it turns its face to Abba, accepts the light from it and passes it to ZON. Both Aba and Ima have GE and AHP, but Aba is above Ima, so its GE and AHP are filled and supplemented by Keter. The GE and AHP de Ima may receive only because of the MAN raised by ZON. The light that Gadlut gives to Keter also elevates Abba, leaving Ima below. Thus, we may say that Aba is the GE of their common Partzuf, and Ima is their common AHP. Distinctions and definitions are applied according to what we wish to emphasize.

Therefore, we have learned about two kinds of supplementation to 10 Sefirot. For example, Aba ve Ima can receive Gadlut with the help of the AHP de Keter, i.e., through the rise of GE de Ima to Keter, or while remaining in its place, be supplemented with the help of their own AHP. The same would have been the case with ZON de Nikudim had their vessels not been broken.

137) As with the Rashim, there are two kinds of supplementation to 10 Sefirot in the 4 Partzufim (Melachim) that emerge from Rosh de Aba ve Ima (Reshimot Dalet/Gimel). They are called Da’at, Hesed, Gvurah, and Tifferet. The same is true for the four Partzufim that emerge from the Rosh de YESHSUT (Reshimot Gimel/Bet) that replaced Aba ve Ima. They are Tifferet, Netzah-Hod, Yesod and Malchut.

On the one hand, the 10 Sefirot de Guf are supplemented at the expense of the AHP of their Rashim, rising to where the Rashim are. On the other hand, they spread in the BYA wishing to be increased to 10 Sefirot by way of attaching their own AHP, i.e., using the second method. This rule is also effective in each individual case.

The division of the Partzuf into GE and AHP is purely qualitative and means that only the vessels of bestowal may be worked with, while the vessels of reception stay inactive. Now the AHP of the upper object are not in GE of the lower as before. They are located exactly under their own GE, but remain idle. They can transfer the light downward. Creation, designed in this way, cannot change its structure or location. It can change only the intention, the way it will work with its parts.

138) You must know that the 5 Partzufim of the world Atzilut, Atik, Arich Anpin, Aba ve Ima and ZON, have their minimal state below which they cannot descend. Atik has the level of Keter, Arich Anpin – of Hochma, Aba ve Ima – of Bina and ZON – of ZA.

The AHP that joined them during Gadlut supplemented their Sefirot to 10 through the point of Holam, which shone upon Keter de Nikudim. The GE de Aba ve Ima rose together with the AHP de Keter and received the same luminescence. Despite the fact that the Rashim of Atik, Arich Anpin, and Aba ve Ima have the full 10 Sefirot, they did not receive the lights that correspond to the Gar in their Gufim. Even the Guf de Atik had the level of the Vak like Gufim de Arich Anpin and Aba ve Ima.

It is known that the purer Partzufim are corrected first; consequently, they were corrected only according to the first method when the AHP rose to their GE and supplemented them to 10 Sefirot in the Rosh. However, the light has not yet spread from the Rosh into the Guf. Therefore, Aba ve Ima rose to Keter and received the light of AHP de Keter. This light, though, was insufficient for shining upon their own AHP, which remain below. Since the bodies of Atik, Arich Anpin, and Aba ve Ima have only the level of Vak, the ZON de Atzilut (its body) also has the same level.

No Guf of the Partzuf in the world of Atzilut receives Gadlut. They stay in Katnut, while only the Rosh of each Partzuf receives Gadlut.

In the world of Atzilut, Gadlut can be received only when the lower Partzuf rises to the upper. All ascents of the worlds on holidays, Sabbaths and the new moons are based on this principle, which prevents the breaking of the vessels.

139) In the world of AK, the picture was different. The amount of the light in the Rosh spread to the Guf. In the world of Atzilut, the light that spread in the Rosh, even in the state of Gadlut, does not spread to the Guf. Hence, the world of Atzilut, as regards the world of AK, is defined as Vak (ZA) and is called MA Hadash or MA of the 5 Partzufim de AK, i.e., the level of ZA, which constitutes MA without Gar.

It is similar to the state of the Partzufim of the world of AK, provided each of them will have only the Vak without the Gar. Let us examine it in more detail. Each Partzuf de AK, i.e., Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA and BON (Keter, Hochma, Bina, ZA and Malchut) in turn, consists of Gar (GalgaltaKeter, ABHochma and SAG - Bina) and VakMA and BON. So, all the Partzufim of the world of Atzilut correspond only to MA de AK. Atik de Atzilut equals MA de Galgalta, Arich Anpin – the MA de AB, Aba ve Ima – the MA de SAG and the ZON – MA and BON de AK. There is no spreading of light in the Guf, i.e., all of these Partzufim are in the state of Vak.

140) Rosh de Atik of the world of Atzilut has the level of Keter, which is defined as Vak (MA) with regard to Partzuf Galgalta de AK. It has only the lights Ruach and Nefesh, while Neshama, Haya, and Yechida de Galgalta are absent. The Rosh de Arich Anpin, with the light of Hochma, corresponds to Vak (MA) de AB and has the lights Nefesh and Ruach, while Neshama, Haya and Yechida de Hochma de AB are absent.

Aba ve Ima de Atzilut, whose Rosh has the light of Bina, is defined as Vak de SAG without the lights of Neshama, Haya and Yechida de Bina de SAG. The Partzuf ZON de Atzilut, which has the level of ZA and Malchut in its Rosh, is defined as the Vak of the Partzufim MA and BON de AK, without the lights of Neshama, Haya and Yechida de MA and BON de AK.

141) The souls in the worlds of BYA raise MAN, thus causing the descent of additional light This leads to a supplementing of the Partzufim to 10 Sefirot according to the second method wherein the light comes through NHY de Galgalta to the ZON de Nikudim (and Atzilut), via the point of Shuruk. Aba ve Ima lowers its Malchut from Nikvey Eynaim to Peh and elevates their AHP. GE de ZON (merged with the AHP de Aba ve Ima) rise to Aba ve Ima together with the AHP, and increase to 10 Sefirot.

Then the entire amount of Mochin (the light) in Aba ve Ima affects the ZON, which rise together with the AHP de Aba ve Ima. Since the five Partzufim de Atzilut are supplemented according to the second method, the three first Partzufim have the lights of Gar in their Gufim as well as in the ZON, which makes up the common Guf of the world of Atzilut.

Then the five Partzufim of the world of Atzilut rise and dress upon the five Partzufim de AK, since the spreading of Gar in the Gufim de Atzilut equates them with the five Partzufim de AK. This is so that Atik might rise and dress upon the Partzuf Keter de AK (Galgalta), the Arich Anpin – on AB de AK, Aba ve Ima – on SAG de AK, and ZON – on MA and BON de AK.

Such a dressing of the Partzufim of the world of Atzilut onto the corresponding Partzufim of the world of AK means that each of them receives the lights Neshama, Haya and Yechida on the level of the world of AK.

After the vessels break, all the Partzufim of the world of Atzilut emerge in Katnut, both in the Rosh and in the Guf. The first Partzuf, Atik, is born. The Reshimot of Arich Anpin begin to appear in it; it later emerges from Atik. Thus, Atik does not fully enter Gadlut, but only to the extent of being able to give birth to Arich Anpin. In this way, all the Partzufim of Atzilut and the worlds BYA emerge. Then the light of Holam on Reshimot Dalet/Gimel descends from above. As in the world of Nikudim, this light enters Keter, which attaches its AHP and Aba ve Ima to itself, etc. This is the first case when all the Rashim receive Gadlut, while all the Gufim remain in Katnut.

The second way of receiving Gadlut requires awakening from below, desire. In the world of Nikudim, the desire was received from NHY de Galgalta. The light shone upon them, and the ZON de Nikudim began asking for light from Aba ve Ima. True requests to Aba ve Ima in the world of Atzilut cause all the Partzufim to pass to Gadlut, according to the second method.

If the Rashim de Atzilut receives Gadlut through the first method, why does this light not pass to the Gufim? The reason lies in the fact that Gadlut of the Rashim does not happen at their own expense; rather, they are elevated by the higher Partzufim and lifted with their light. The Rosh did not rise to a higher level by its own strength. Neither was it filled by its own effort. Hence, upon receiving Gadlut, it also remained in Katnut, in its place below. It can in no way pass the light to its Guf below. All the Rashim de Atzilut received this kind of Gadlut.

The second state of Gadlut in the Gufim occurs when the lower Partzufim ask the upper for strength to make a Zivug and pass to Gadlut in their own places, without rising; consequently, they can spread the light to their bodies.

Spiritual states do not disappear. Everything depends on what you wish to see at a particular moment and upon one's point of view. We are now interested in the specific states, first according to the initial method (Gadlut Rashim), then – to the second (Gadlut Gufim).

Before the vessels were broken, we spoke about the Bitush Pnim u Makif. After the breaking, we do not speak about it anymore, since the vessels start to be corrected, acquire a screen. Next, they are filled with light from below. From our various desires, we take the smallest, the least egoistic, and the ones we can correct most easily, and fill them with light in accordance with their correction.

Now, the light that comes to the vessel is no more than it can receive. In the world of AK, a Zivug on the entire TA was made, and it was possible to withstand the light of Infinity pressing the vessel to receive the light. After the break, it is no longer possible to withstand even a gram of light. It is only upon acquiring the tiniest screen that we can receive the light according to its strength.

142) The ZON de Atzilut receives light according to the first principle, that is to say. through “AHP de Aliyah”. These AHP are not yet final. The light they receive is just the luminescence coming through Aba ve Ima, when ZON is on their level. However, on their own level, they do not have the AHP, so the light received by the ZON during 6000 years is called Mochin de Aliyah, for the light of Gar can be attained only while being on the level of the Gar, which increase them to 10 Sefirot. Until they reach the level of Gar, the ZON are unable to receive the entire light. However, the ZON have not yet received their correction of the second kind. This will happen only in the Gmar Tikkun.

When the ZON rise to Aba ve Ima, they compel them to make a Zivug and to receive light. The request of ZON is made for the comprehensively selected desires that are now unfit. It is necessary to find out whether they can be corrected. To that end, there is a special mechanism in the Rosh de Arich Anpin, through which it rules over Aba ve Ima, which in turn control ZON.

The light that Arich Anpin sends down allows seeing fallaciousness only in nine Sefirot, but not in the 10-th, Malchut. Hence, the light of Arich Anpin is less powerful than it is supposed to be, but it provides an opportunity to correct the vessels of reception, which rise and join the vessels of bestowal.

143) The light received by the five permanent Partzufim of the world of Atzilut is called the correction of the Kelim de Aba ve Ima. They supplement their Sefirot to ten by using the first method. In the world of Nikudim, this light is called “luminescence through the Tabur” or “Nekudat Holam”. Thus, no light de Gar spreads from the heads of Atik, Arich Anpin and Aba ve Ima, to their bodies and to ZON, for in the past, the Zat de Nikudim did not receive anything from this luminescence.

The Mochin (the light) received during 6000 years until the Final Correction comes as an answer to the request – MAN – raised by the lower Partzufim, including the souls in the worlds BYA, i.e., by the second method. In the world of Nikudim, it is called “luminescence through Yesod” or “Nekudat Shuruk”.

According to this method, Aba ve Ima elevate their own AHP, and merge with GE de Zat, which receive the light Mochin de Gar on the level of Aba ve Ima. In this way, Mochin spread to the Gufim of the five Partzufim de Atzilut, including ZON, but on the condition that they will be above, in the place of Gar.

In the future, after the Gmar Tikkun, ZON will be increased to 10 Sefirot according to the second method, and Malchut will descend from the Parsa to the Sium Raglin de AK. Then Netzah, Hod and Yesod de ZON in the BYA will join ZON de Atzilut, while the Sium de Atzilut will have the same properties as Sium de AK. At that period, the Melech-haMashiach will come and “His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives”. Then it will be clear that the complete correction of the worlds during 6000 years can happen only through their ascent.

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