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The Horn of the Messiah

By Baal HaSulam

Know, that the children of Israel will not be redeemed but only after the wisdom of the hidden shall be revealed in great measures, as it is written in The Zohar: “In that composition Israel is redeemed from exile.”

For at that time there is hope for redemption, that the writing of the Zohar, which commenced in the days of Rashby was at the time of the appearance of Bar Cochva, about which Rabbi Akiva, the rabbi of Rashby, said, “…there shall step forth a star out of Jacob…” and after the ruin of Beitar was the great hope.

Because of that Rashby permitted himself and revealed the wisdom of the hidden, meaning his books, The Zohar and the Tikkunim. But he did so with great care, for he did not permit the writing of his words but to Rabbi Abba, who was able to reveal with a secret, so that the sages of the children of Israel alone would understand the matters, but the wise among the nations will not understand, for fear lest the wicked will know how to serve their lord. Because of that, as soon as they saw that the time was still too soon for the redemption of Israel they concealed it, which was at the time of Rabbi Saborai, because we find many issues in The Zohar that were written in the time of Rabbi Saborai. It was indeed the will of God that it should be revealed, and hence it found its way unto the widow of Rabbi Moshe DeLeon, who inherited the manuscript from her husband, and he apparently did not confide in her at all about the prohibition to reveal, and by chance she sold it. Indeed, to this day it has caused much ruin amongst the house of Israel, for the above reasons.

However, there is no evil without good, and hence, this government that the nations obtained by stealing the secrets of Torah, invoked such a mighty thrust for the development of sanctity, that I believe we are in a generation standing at the very threshold of redemption.

If we only know how to circulate the wisdom of the hidden in the masses, because except for the simple reason of “He hast swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again,” for by that it shall be apparent to all which is holy and which is not, and the difference between the essence of the nucleus and the upper shell that all the wise men of the world have pealed from, for the camps of Israel that have denied the Torah shall certainly return to the Lord and to his work.

And there is yet another reason for it: we have proof that redemption must be made early, for all the nations of the world will thank the Torah of Israel, as it is written, “And the earth shall be full of the knowledge” such as in the exodus from Egypt, that there was a prior must that Pharaoh too would thank the Lord of truth and his commandments, and will permit them to leave. Hence it is written that each and every one of the nations would hold a Jewish man and lead him to the holy land. And it is not enough that they will be able to exit themselves, but you must understand whence the nations of the world would come by such a mind and wish. Know that it is the circulation of the true wisdom, for they would vividly see a true God and a true law.

And the circulation of the wisdom in the masses is called a horn, much like the horn whose voice travels a great distance, so the wisdom will spread in the entire world.

And even the nations will listen and admit that there is divine wisdom amongst Israel. And that role was said about Elijah the prophet, that the disclosure of the secrets of Torah, is always referred to by the name: The disclosure of Elijah.

As our sages said, it will be laid to rest until Elijah comes and the Tishbite would answer questions and problems. Therefore they said that three days (which is a famous hint) before the coming of the Messiah, Elijah shall walk upon the summit of the mountains and blow a great horn etc. and you shall understand that the horn is nothing but the divulgation of the wisdom of the hidden in the masses, which is a necessary precondition that must be before the complete redemption.

And to that will testify the books that have already been written in this wisdom, that matters that stand at the top of the world, were spread about for all to see like a gown, which is a true testimony, that we are at the dawn of redemption, and the great horn has already blown, if not in the distance, for it is still in feeble sound, for that is the way of the horn, that its voice increases.

And who else like me knows that I am not worthy of being but a messenger and a writer for the divulgation of such secrets, much less to comprehend the root of them. And why did the Lord do so to me? It is only because the generation is worthy. It is the last generation, standing at the threshold of complete salvation and it is therefore worthy of the commencement of the hearing of the horn of the Messiah, which is the revelation of the secrets, as explained above.

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