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Part One: The Beginning

Chapter 1.1 – The Great Illusion

Judaism forbids idolatry and any kind of fetishism. This prohibition hides behind it the most fundamental principle in Judaism, which states that everything we see is only a figment of our imaginations. Over the years, many of us have consciously and sometimes unconsciously adopted this principle after realizing that, by changing our perspective, we might be able to better cope with our day-to-day problems. This perspective determines our reactions, our feelings, and ultimately our reality. What, then, is the actual reality around us?..

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Chapter 1.2 – Between Creator and Creature

The question “Who am I?” exists in everyone. But when that question can no longer be put aside, then it relates to the Creator: “Who is He?” This is because the Creator is inside us, the Source of the human “self.” Hence, no matter how many times we ask ourselves “Who am I?” the question still relates to the Creator. The “self” is a consequence. Our desires, everything we do is, in fact, created by the Creator...

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Chapter 1.3 – The Evolution of the Soul

A person in this world has no soul. There is only one thing to do if we want to understand and realize our true essence, and that is to embark on a spiritual quest with all the zest, eagerness, and willingness to change that we can summon - a quest to discover the soul. The journey begins at the exact place where we felt our very first desire for spirituality, the “point in the heart”...

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Chapter 1.4 – The Awakening of the "Point in the Heart"

The study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is research of man’s relationship with the Creator. It explores man's every thought, desire and in fact, the entire reality one attains with one's senses. Even in our world, below the spiritual world, there are degrees of attainment. At the beginning of our preparation period for spirituality we begin to understand the connections and relationships between the spiritual objects, although this understanding cannot be compared with the actual sensation when spirituality is attained...

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Chapter 1.5 – Kabbalah As A Means of Attaining Spirituality

Kabbalah revolves around the spiritual worlds. Therefore, the student attracts spiritual Lights during the study. Studying other parts of the Torah also awakens a certain spiritual illumination, but the intensity of the Light during the study of Kabbalah is much stronger than when studying other writings...

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Chapter 1.6 – Landmarks

We might be amazed to find along our spiritual path that not only are we not evolving, but we have come to a halt, or are even retreating. We will find that our chances to enter the spiritual are rapidly dimming. But it is at that precise stage when we feel our inability to cope with the obstructions that indicates an impressive progress...

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Chapter 1.7 – From Above to Below

The study of the Kabbalah focuses on studying the structure of the worlds as they evolve from above down to our world. One would think that since we are in the corporeal world, we would be taught how to climb along the spiritual path from below upward, not the other way around...

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Chapter 1.8 – Cause and Consequence

Our lives are really learning experiences. Sometimes the world appears so dark and bitter, that we think the end of the world has come and there is no way out. But as we continue to study, we see it isn’t so, that these are only exercises sent from Above. Only after they are over can we understand and appreciate the necessity for those exercises while in our "pre-correction" phase...

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Chapter 1.9 – What Exists Between This World and the Next?

It is quite possible that there are other worlds that exist in the same space as ours that we simply don’t make contact with because these worlds are in a different dimension. But if we remain confined to the boundaries of our own nature, we will remain confined to the boundaries of our own nature, we will never be able to discover them. These other worlds are where our roots are, the reasons for everything that happens in our world. There we will find the reasons for our own life and death...

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Chapter 1.10 – Faith Above Reason

All that people want out of life is to satisfy their own needs, but when they are dissatisfied with their situation, they begin to want to reach the actual source of their state, meaning the Creator. Our desire for the Creator is the highest degree in our desire to study the self. In order to attain it, one must stand face to face with one's egoism, which operates like a sophisticated obstacle between the Creator and himself...

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Chapter 1.11 – Freedom of Choice – To Operate Above Nature

There is no point discussing freedom of choice before a person acquires spiritual forces, and the ability to operate above his nature. Freedom of choice is the freedom to operate against one’s desires. That is the only time one is able to decide freely...

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Chapter 1.12 – Questions & Answers

Why study Kabbalah? Is Kabbalah the only way to feel the Creator, and if so, how can that be proven? Will Kabbalah save the world?..

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