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Part Four: Proper Study

Chapter 4.1 – About the Study

Every person, regardless of sex, is permitted to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. For that reason, Kabbalists have always tried to circulate this wisdom in both Israel and the world over, to bring this option to everyone’s awareness. This is especially true of those whose souls are ripe for the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Through study, they can correct themselves and attain the purpose of Creation. Others who still don’t feel it necessary to study Kabbalah should be aware of this system, should they want to study it later. This allows them to accelerate their progress toward the correction phase...

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Chapter 4.2 – The Beginning of a Kabbalist’s Way

The human desire to understand, manage, and control is a very positive desire, because it makes additional desires add to one’s original desires. However, the only key that we should really acquire in order for one to enter spirituality is the screen and the Returning Light...

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Chapter 4.3 – From a Kabbalist’s Notebook

All our thoughts, all our actions, and anything that happens should always be directed at the Creator. That is the only way to exit the ego and attain spirituality...

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Chapter 4.4 – Questions & Answers

Why do Kabbalists describe the Upper world for us? Can anyone become a Kabbalist? How can you explain the fact that despite the bliss and divine pleasures of Kabbalah, there isn’t any ‘Kabbalah rush’? Is it okay for adolescents to take Kabbalah classes? What is our attainment based on? Can one be forced to study Kabbalah? What is the difference between knowledge and faith? Are there letters and words to express our feelings? Is there any power to the letters?..

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