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Part Six: Genesis

Chapter 6.1 – The Seven Days of Creation

All the Holy Scriptures speak of one thing only – the Upper World and how it was created. They do not simply reveal what one finds there, but teach one to see that world. The gradual revelation of the Upper World is called man’s “spiritual ascent”, or "the degrees of one’s spiritual rise." The books tell us of the spiritual worlds in several languages...

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Chapter 6.2 - Abraham the Patriarch

The Book of Creation that Abraham wrote was written in précis, as though in brevity. The book writes simply: “This world was created in apparent, semi apparent and concealed form, in thirty-two paths of wisdom.” It can take years to understand even the first sentence properly. This book was written succinctly, as though according to a certain code. It is written for a person in the same spiritual degree, or close to it but lower, but it is not meant for us...

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