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Part Seven: The Inner Meaning

Chapter 7.1 – Prayer

It is written in the Torah that prayer is the ‘work of the heart’. This refers to desires that come from the heart and one cannot control. We are built in such a way that, in most cases, we are unable to expose and know precisely what our desires are. Even our own prayers are concealed from us...

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Chapter 7.2 – The Meaning of the Jewish Holidays

Over the years, we have been presented with a number of interpretations regarding the meaning of the Jewish holidays. Some were easier for us to accept, and some seemed less acceptable to our rational understanding. In this chapter we briefly explain the significance of some of the holidays from the perspective of Kabbalah...

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Chapter 7.3 – The Reception of Light on Holidays

Any increase in the Light is a holiday. Every soul that attains spirituality receives the Light from the world of Atzilut. Its power depends on the degree of the soul. The ordinary level of Light is called a “weekday”. The next degree of intensity is called “Rosh Hodesh” (the first day of the month). Each weekday designates a different kind of Light...

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Chapter 7.4 – A Holiday as a Means For Correction

Each and every soul that descends to our world has but one destination: to reacquire the spiritual degree from which is descended to our world, to materialize in a biological body. We must attain the roots of our souls while we are still in our physical bodies, during one of our lifetimes. We must reach the same spiritual degree from which our souls came, despite the obstacles and the obstructions that physically stand before us...

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Chapter 7.5 – From the Introduction To The Zohar

Introduction to the Book of Zohar (item 10): "Now we can understand the fourth inquiry: how is it possible that from His Holiness will emerge the chariot of defilement and shells, since it is at the other end of His Holiness and how can it be that He supports and sustains it? Indeed, we must first understand the essence of defilement and the shells. Know, that it is the great will to receive, of which we said that it is the essence of the souls by creation...

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Chapter 7.6 – Questions & Answers

What is the connection between Mitzvot and the purpose of our existence? What does it mean to fully keep the Mitzvot? What does the blessing for the food mean in terms of Kabbalah? What is Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel)? War and peace–are they in the hands of the Creator? Can writers, poets and composers call their works their own? Is a Kabbalist obligated to be respectful toward figures that other peoples consider holy?..

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