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Part 4

Chapter One

Explains Rosh and Guf de Adam Kadmon down to Tabur. There is no actual Kli in the Eser Sefirot de Rosh, and in the Eser Sefirot de Guf there is actually one Kli, called Keter. The Eser Sefirot in this Kli are estimated according to their distance from Behina Dalet. Since they are in a single Kli, they are called Akudim...

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Chapter Two

Explains the Reshimot that remain after the departure of the Orot and the Ohr Hozer that descends during the Histalkut...

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Chapter Three

Explains four kinds of Ohr: Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin, Otiot. Those are: 1. The first Hitpashtut from Peh to Tabur, namely Taamim; 2. The levels that emerge during the Histalkut are called Nekudot; 3. The Reshimot are called Tagin; 4. The Ohr that is born by the Hakaa of the Reshimot and the descending Ohr Hozer on one another is Otiot...

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Chapter Four

Explains the Hakaa and Bitush that occurred during the Histalkut of the Orot to the Maatzil, between the descending Ohr Hozer and the Reshimot. The Kelim, which are the Otiot, were made of the Nitzotzin that sprung off of that Hakaa. The Tagin come from the Reshimot...

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Chapter Five

Explains the inner and surrounding Orot of Akudim...

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Chapter Six

Explains the return of the Orot to the Maatzil to receive their completion...

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Histaklut Pnimit

Sefirot Akudim, containing six chapters...

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