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14. What Is the Greatness of the Creator

I heard in 1948

The Romemut (greatness/sublimity) of the Creator means that one should ask of the Creator for the strength to go above reason. It means that there are two interpretations to the greatness of Creator:


A. To not be filled with knowledge, which is intellect, with which one can answer one’s questions. Rather, one wants the Creator to answer one’s questions. It is called Romemut because all the wisdom comes from Above and not from man, meaning that one can answer one’s own questions.

Anything that one can answer is regarded as answering everything with the external mind. This means that the will to receive understands that it is worthwhile to keep Torah and Mitzvot. However, if above reason compels one to work, it is called “against the opinion of the will to receive.”


B. The greatness of the Creator means that one becomes needy of the Creator to grant one’s wishes. Therefore:

  1. One should go above reason. Thus one sees that he is empty, and consequently becomes needy of the Creator.

  2. Only the Creator can give one the strength to be able to go above reason. In other words, what the Creator gives is called, “The Romemut of the Creator.”

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