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The Pyramid

Because spiritual desires are divided into stronger and weaker, our world is built like a pyramid. The weakest desires are the least egoistic and form the base level of Creation, the still (Figure 8). Above these, and relying on them, is the vegetative level. In a sense, the vegetative is exploiting the still because they are nourished by minerals and water, which belong to the still level of our world.

Next in line is the animate level, which nurtures mostly on plants, “exploiting” them for their sustenance. Highest on the scale is the speaking (human) level, which feeds on both plants and animals, and some minerals.

The spiritual level isn’t a separate level in its physical manifestation. Rather, it is a distinct level of development, a state where one’s soul yearns to return to its root in the Upper Worlds, where it was in direct contact with the Creator. And here lies the uniqueness of the spiritual level: while it is the greatest, most egoistic desire, it is also the only level that really wants to bond with the Creator, the altruistic force of life. This is why the spiritual level in us is the one that makes us feel the lowest, but is also the key to our transformation from egoism to altruism.

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