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In a Nutshell

For correct perception, we need to limit ourselves by three boundaries:

  1. There are four categories to Perception: A) Matter; B) Form in Matter; C) Abstract Form; and D) Essence. We perceive only the first two.

  2. All my perception occurs within my soul. My soul is my world and the world outside of me is so abstract that I can’t even say for sure if it exists or not.

  3. What I perceive is mine alone; I cannot pass it to anyone else. I can tell others about my experience, but when they experience it, they will certainly experience it in their own way.

When I perceive something, I measure it and determine what it is according to the qualities of the measurement tools I have within. If my tools are flawed, so will be my measurement; hence, my picture of the world will be distorted and incomplete.

Presently, we are measuring the world with five senses. But we need six senses to measure it correctly. This is why we are unable to manage our world productively and joyfully for all.

Actually, the sixth sense is not a physical sense, but an intention. It relates to how we use our desires. If we use them with the intention to give instead of to receive, meaning if we use them altruistically instead of egoistically, we will perceive a whole new world. This is why the new intention is called “the sixth sense.”

Placing the altruistic intention over our desires makes them similar to those of the Creator. This similarity is called “equivalence of form” with the Creator. Having it grants its owner the same perception and knowledge as that of the Creator. This is why only with the sixth sense (intention to bestow) is it possible to really know how to conduct ourselves in this world.

When a new desire comes along, it actually isn’t new. It is a desire that has already been in us, whose memory has been recorded in the data bank of our souls—the Reshimot. The chain of Reshimot leads straight to the top of the ladder—the Thought of Creation—and the faster we climb it, the more quickly and pleasantly we will reach our destiny.

The Reshimot appear one by one, at a rate we determine through our desire to ascend in spirituality, which is where they originate. When we try to learn from and understand each Reshimo, it is exhausted more quickly and the state of understanding it (which already exists) appears. When we understand a Reshimo, the next Reshimo in line surfaces, until finally all the Reshimot have been realized and studied, and we have reached the end of our correction.

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