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Michael Laitman, PhD


Adam, partner of Eve and temporary resident of the Garden of Eden, marks the beginning of the final phase in evolution: the spiritual phase. In Kabbalah, Adam is considered the Root Phase of human spirituality. This is why he is called Adam ha Rishon, The First Man.

Adam was also the first person to write a Kabbalah book, HaMalaach Raziel (The Angel of God’s Secret), a small book that included a few drawings and tables. (It should be noted that even though Kabbalists ascribe this work to Adam, there is no written proof that he is indeed its author.) The name HaMalaach Raziel comes from the Hebrew words Malaach (angel), Raz (secret), and El (God). Thus, HaMalaach Raziel reveals to us the secrets of the Creator.


Off Course

Kabbalah books are packed with vivid descriptions of anything from two people walking and talking to their donkey driver to flying towers. As a result, we can be easily misled into thinking that there are worlds where these things happen on a physical level. They do not. All the stories in Kabbalah describe one’s connection to the Creator, one’s level of altruism, and one’s efforts to become one. This is why it is so important to study with a teacher who can provide the correct explanations, which bring you “down to Earth.”


The Kabbalistic tradition has it that Adam wrote The Angel of God’s Secret more than 5,769 years ago. Adam used allegories and metaphors to tell us how he sensed that he lived in two worlds, the earthly and the spiritual. He felt the entire Upper Existence, but he could not describe it in a manner we can relate to today. He attained it in his feelings and thus pictured it the best way he could.

If you browse The Angel of God’s Secret, it is evident that the author is not an uncivilized, uneducated mammoth hunter. Adam was a Kabbalist of a very high degree who discovered the fundamental secrets of creation in his spiritual journey. He studied the Upper World, where our souls roam prior to their descent to Earth when we are born, and where the souls return after death. Adam tells us how these souls will regroup into one soul and build what we call “man,” of which we are but fragments. More on how that works in Chapter 8.

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