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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Point and the Light

in nature
there is a force
that responds
only to one’s request
to become loving and giving


Question: Is it possible to point to an inner compass that guides us in our spiritual development?

To prepare us for spiritual development, nature awakens two sensations within us. The first is that this world is empty, and the second is a yearning to attain the origin of life, the awakening of the point in the heart.

Because our world is a spiritual field, just like a magnetic field, this point will lead us to a place where we can nourish it, fulfill it.

We should advance on our spiritual path only from within this point. We should neither believe anyone nor be influenced by any “words of wisdom” that we may be told. Rather, we should check everything out for ourselves; this is how we discern our way.

This scrutiny is fuelled by our demand to know the truth. We must not agree to be told, “First you must do... and then... there are conditions...”—there aren’t any!

Just as you are naked in the middle of the world, this is how you reach the Creator.

The Light is what affects the point within you. And there is nothing other than those two. Learn how to connect your desire with the Light and march forward.

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