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Michael Laitman, PhD

From Evolution’s Steam Engine to Spirituality’s Jet Engine

Who can explain how an infant grows into an adult? Why do babies change from day to day? Science can describe what unfolds within matter, but it does not see the cause that exists outside of matter, driving it to develop.

I left science decades ago because that was exactly what I wanted to know—where does the force of life come from? Where can it be found? In atoms? In molecules? In systems within the cells? I discovered that science does not research that. But if we do not know the answer to the most important issue or even try to discover it, then what is the point of science?

According to Kabbalah, the same force that acts upon and develops every part of Creation acts upon the infant, too. It is the light of life, the Upper Force, which operates in creation and turns inanimate matter into plants, animals, and humans. Without it, matter would remain lifeless and unchanging.

The light of life cannot be perceived or measured with any instrument. We see only the effects of its operation, such as an infant who grows from day to day and from moment to moment. In our world, this light creates evolution. But the train of evolution lags along at its own pace as the Upper Force operates in matter and drives it to its predetermined goal.

When we enter the spiritual world, we can research every stage of evolution, even the dinosaur era, should that suddenly interest you, since all of the previous forms are known in advance and must clothe their forms according to the different combinations of the forces of reception and bestowal.

The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the future states of our development. When we study it with a desire to develop, we consciously draw the light of life to act upon us. In such a case, the effect of the light upon us is defined as the act of the surrounding light. Today the possibility to do so is open to all of us.

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