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Michael Laitman, PhD

Acquaintance with Myself

The uniqueness of The Book of Zohar
is in its ability
to take any person who so desires,
whomever he is and wherever he may be,
and admit him into the spiritual world.


Question: I happened to watch a lesson you gave to your students on The Book of Zohar and other Kabbalah writings. I did not understand much, but I felt that there was something special there. Is there any point in watching lessons even without understanding?

Absolutely. Watching these lessons awakens the effect of the surrounding light on you, even without your cognitive understanding of the material being studied. It is said about it, “The heart understands.”

In general, when studying The Book of Zohar we come across many things that are not clear to us. We gradually become acquainted with them, but actually, it is not even that important.

We can compare this process to a small child who sees many new and unfamiliar things around him. While he does not know why they are needed, in this way, without understanding how, he comes to know the world in an instinctive, pure, and innocent way.

There is no need to fear not understanding the material or not knowing how one thing relates to another. We simply need to listen, touch everything, burn from within, and want to understand. This is the only way to come to know the world, our world and the spiritual world.

The Book of Zohar and all the writings of Kabbalah turn to the internal forces within us. They help us gradually become acquainted with them. As we evolve, we get more opportunities to work with these forces, to rearrange them, and to use them properly.

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