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Michael Laitman, PhD

Thoughts about Pain

Pain is the body’s reaction to various bodily disruptions. Pain warns of danger, forces us to take action—to move closer or farther, to find the cause of the pain, to draw conclusions and to move on to new states.

Pain is a force that affects our ego.

There is pain because I feel bad, because others feel bad, or because others feel good.

Pain “pushes” from behind and forces us to evolve.

Pain that stems from feeling empty pulls us forward to fulfillment.

All feelings stem from conflict, contact, and pressure—from pain.

Pleasure can be felt only after feeling pain, suffering or anticipation.

We overcome pain only when we rise above the ego. All of a sudden, we realize that we can exist without lack, but with complete fulfillment, which is not based on pain. It is fulfillment that does not stem from a need, but from completeness, from love.

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