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Michael Laitman, PhD

An Interview with Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: What is most important to you in life?

Answer: Dissemination of the correction method for the human ego in the world. The ego is the source of all that is evil in the world, and only its correction will bring happiness to the world.

Question: What is the essence of life?

Answer: The essence of life for each person is his or her correction to the point of attaining the quality of love towards all of one’s surroundings.

Question: What causes pedophilia, dissatisfaction, wars, terrorism, corruption, poverty, national and religious extremism, and why can no one defeat this evil?

Answer: All the evil in the world is born out of people’s egoistic nature. From the dawn of history the human ego has been incessantly growing and developing, driving humanity to develop society, to rule and to subjugate nature. We cannot restrain the ego by ourselves with our current means.

Question: What can save Earth from an ecological disaster?

Answer: Only a shift in people’s attitude toward the environment, meaning people and nature. We must shift from hatred and desire to exploit everything and everyone into giving and to an all-encompassing love.

A committee for saving Earth from human nature should be founded as soon as possible, with access to all the media. Through cooperation, it must teach humanity how to exist properly, mutually.

Question: How would you like to see the world and humanity?

Answer: In the future, everyone will discover that they are elements that are completely interconnected and interdependent in a single system, as cogwheels in a machine. Every act and thought will stem from the complete mutual dependence that will be revealed, and this will force everyone to reach a common thought, plan, and action to change the world.

Question: What is your favorite saying?

Answer: Life can exist only when all the elements are in complete harmony, as in a single, perfect body. The saying “Love thy neighbor as thyself” precisely embodies it. This saying does not refer to a desired moral level, but to the law that sustains life.

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