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Michael Laitman, PhD

The State of Humanity

Q: Relative to the spiritual world, what is humanity’s position?

A: Man’s place in the Upper World depends solely on the power of the screen that he attained. This, in turn, is determined only by the distance from the state where all of man’s desires are in this world, with the aim “for me,” and by the nearness to the degree of the Creator, meaning the intent “for Him.”

Q: To the best of my understanding, there is always only one man on earth, who is in the Upper World, higher than all other Kabbalists. Who is that man today?

A: It is said: “Israel is not widowed,” and also, “There is not a generation when there are no such men as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

There are hidden Kabbalists in the world known only to the Kabbalists themselves, and then there are recognized Kabbalists. All of them work in this world and perform their tasks according to the instructions of the Creator.

Their business is only their own and the Creator’s. We need not know of their work because we should only deal with what we were born to accomplish: correcting ourselves.

For true correction, we must choose a place that we feel in our hearts is exactly the right place for us. This need not be because of the presence of a great rabbi, one who is highly regarded by others, and not because he is eloquent and knowledgeable. One must choose a place where things are spoken that one wishes to know in one’s heart.

My advice to you is, search in your heart; be honest with yourself. Agree to nothing, not even the smallest thing, if you do not think it’s right, because the soul must find the place where it will be corrected. And when the soul begins to develop from a point into a complete vessel of ten Sefirot, then you will feel the Kabbalists.

You will know them, you will be with them, and you will receive the answers to all your questions.

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