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Michael Laitman, PhD

Interest in the Purpose of Creation

Q: Why are so few people asking themselves questions about creation? How can people be made more interested in learning the purpose of creation?

A: Our world - with its history of torment and its achievements, and the spiritual worlds, with all their substance - is nothing in comparison to what man is about to discover. The vast magnitude of the design of creation is incomprehensible to a human being.

Billions of people live their lives in our world so that a few dozen will attain the correct concept of the Creator, and from those dozens, only a few will attain Him. But out of those dozens, even those who test themselves in Kabbalah are already chosen ones.

The Kabbalah is revealed from Above; it evolves slowly and will, at some point, burst into everyone’s awareness, offering a clear goal for the lives of each of us. Billions of people will actually participate in this process.

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