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Michael Laitman, PhD

What is Confidence?

Q: What is confidence and how can we attain it?

A: Confidence is the ability to suffer, to be constantly nourished by the goal. The attainment of confidence depends only on the attainment of surrounding Light. That Light is ready and waiting to fill the soul when it completes its correction. Therefore, now, when that Light shines upon the soul, it gives it the sensation of protection and confidence.

Only a direct and concrete feeling of the Creator gives man confidence and the ability to endure all the degrees of correction. It is done by the Creator purposely so that man will not be able to overcome even the lightest spiritual obstacle by himself, but will need the Creator every step of the way.

In our world, we can exist without the sensation of the Creator. But in the spiritual realm, we cannot. The extent of the sensation of the Creator is the extent of the actual confidence of man, and I would add, our ability to defend against disturbances.

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