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Michael Laitman, PhD

“The Tree of Life” and “The Inner Reflection”

Q: Could you please explain the titles of two books: “The Tree of Life” and “The Inner Reflection”?

Does “The Tree of Life” mean life in its general sense organic life, the force giving and supporting life, or life as being opposed to death, as not being?

How can one briefly characterize the process of “The Inner Reflection”? What or who is the object of this reflection (watching, observing, contemplating)?

A: “The Tree of Life” means the correction of altruistic desires (above the Hazeh) and working with egoistic desires (below the Hazeh) with the intention to give in the entire Partzuf Adam.

“The Inner Reflection” is the attainment of the inner Light, which fills the Partzuf from Rosh to Tabur. This attainment gives man the feeling of unity with the Creator, of knowing Him and therefore all the wisdom and understanding of the reasons and the origins of the universe.

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