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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Intent During the Study

Q: You always recommend reading more. But how is a person who simply reads different from another who is interested in philosophy and mysticism, or one who wants the title, “professor of Kabbalah?” Such people do not make even a single step forward in spirituality.

A: Logically speaking, you’re right. But the problem is that a person cannot force the right intent on himself. That aim should come from the heart, provided the heart really wants it. This will occur if there is a need to attain something higher, if your soul has developed to the point where it needs the Creator and not the material things in this world.

Only the soul can sense its true desires. We ourselves do not feel it. We may think that a certain desire is burning within, and actually be deluding ourselves.

Yet the soul is what will finally lead us to our goal, as it has led us thus far. It is not through our wisdom or conscious thought that we have come to aspire to the Upper Light.

In order to develop the necessary attributes for growth within, it is advised that “Whatsoever thy hand attaineth to do by thy strength that do.” This means, do everything you can to absorb as much material as possible. Read, even if only to enrich your knowledge and brag to your friends about it. In time, the sheer quantity of your studies will bear fruit.

This is also true regarding the first stage of your studies. In order to absorb as much as possible, it is all right to lie to yourself and set goals, specifying self-benefit. But afterwards you will realize that the result depends on the quality of the material, meaning your approach and your intentions. That is why it says, “the Light in it reforms.”

Q: I don’t have any desire to give, but I know that it’s probably within me. How do I awaken it? Do I have to give up something very dear in order to attain it?

A: By no means should you do so! That would only be an egoistic measure from within you. The only way to elevate yourself spiritually is to awaken the influence of spiritual degrees upon you, study with the right aim in mind, and help circulate the Kabbalah. Start, and you’ll see how this simple act will change you.

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