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Michael Laitman, PhD

Tarot Cards

Q: How does Kabbalah relate to Tarot cards?

A: It is a common mistake for people to think that Kabbalah seemingly deals with fortune-telling, revelations of the past, and the study of the present. Kabbalah, by definition, is the revelation of the Creator to people in this world, today, not after death!!!

Naturally, as a result of the revelation of the Creator, a person understands the entire creation and its management; the reasons for everything that happens and their consequences. But it is only the direct result that stems from the attainment of the Creator. Kabbalah has never dealt with fortune-telling of any kind, and what Kabbalists know of the future, they do not tell, because there is a strict prohibition on that.

If further knowledge beyond that, which man already has, would benefit man, the Creator would have revealed it to us. But knowing beyond what we should know harms us, because it denies us free choice and the possibility for correction. That is why it says unequivocally, “Neither shall ye practice divination nor soothsaying” (Leviticus, 19, 26), and “Thou shalt not suffer a sorceress to live” (Exodus 22, 17).

You can see for yourself how much unnecessary commotion there was at the dawn of the new millennium, as a result of the fortune telling of Nostradamus. In fact, nothing happened and the year went by peacefully, as did all the years before it.

Man yearns to believe in what he knows. He wants to know the future for his own personal benefit. But the Creator reveals everything – past, present and future – only to the extent that man will stop needing that knowledge and go with “faith above reason.” This means that man rejects his personal reasoning and chooses to cleave to the Reason of the Superior, the Creator.

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