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10. What Is Make Haste My Beloved, in the Work

I heard on Tamuz, July 1944

Bear in mind, that when one begins to walk on a path of wanting to come to do everything for the Creator, one comes to states of ascents and descents. Sometimes one comes to such a great decline that one has thoughts of escaping Torah and Mitzvot, meaning thoughts come to a person that he has no desire to be in the domain of Kedusha (Sanctity).

In that state one should believe that it is the opposite, meaning that it is Kedusha that runs away from him. The reason is that when one wants to blemish Kedusha, Kedusha moves forward and runs away from him first. If one believes it and overcomes during the escape, then the Brach (Escape) is turned into Barech (bless), as it is written, “Bless, Lord, his substance, and accept the work of his hands.”

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