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41. What is Greatness and Smallness in Faith

I heard on the evening following Passover holiday, March 29, 1945

It is written, “and they believed in the Lord, and in His servant Moses.” We must know that the Lights of Pesach (Passover) have the power to impart the Light of faith. Yet, do not think that the Light of faith is a small thing, because greatness and smallness depend only on the receivers.

When one does not work by way of truth, one thinks that he has too much faith, and with the measure of faith he has, he can dis­pense to several people, and then they will be fearing and whole.

However, one who wants to serve the Creator in truth, and constantly examines himself, if he is willing to work devotedly “and with all thy heart,” he sees that he is always deficient in faith, meaning that he is always short of it.

Only when one has faith can one feel that one is always seated before the King. When one feels the greatness of the King, one can discover the love in two ways: in a good way, and in a way of harsh judgments. Hence, the one who seeks the truth is the one who needs the Light of faith. If such a person hears or sees some way to obtain the Light of faith, then one is happy as though he had found a great fortune.

Hence, those people who seek the truth, on the holiday of Pesach, which is capable of the Light of faith, we read in the Parasha (Torah portion), “and they believed in the Lord, and in His servant Moses,” because then is a time that can impart that.

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