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65. About the Revealed and the Concealed

I heard on, Tevet 29, January 18, 1942

It is written, “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but the things that are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.” We should ask, “What does the text come to tell us, that the secret things belong unto the Lord?” We should not say that concealed means unattainable and that revealed means attainable. We can see that there are people with knowledge in the concealed part, as there are people who have no knowledge in the revealed part. And it cannot be said that this means that there are more people with knowledge in the revealed part than in the concealed part. (If so, you have given only a part of the whole picture).

The thing is that in this world, we see that there are actions that are revealed as actions to our eyes. This means that man’s hand is involved there. Alternatively, there are actions where we see that an act is done, but man cannot do anything there. Rather, a hidden force operates there.

It is as our sages said: “There are three partners in man—the Creator, his father, and his mother.” The revealed part is the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. This act is done by the parents. And if the parents do their things properly, the Creator puts a soul in the newborn. This means that his parents do the revealed part, as they can only do the revealed part, but the hidden part—placing the soul in the newborn—here the parents cannot do a thing; only the Creator Himself does that thing.

Similarly, with the Mitzvot, we must do only the revealed part, as only here we can act, that is, engage in Torah and Mitzvot by way of “that fulfill His word.” However, the hidden part, meaning the soul in the keeping of Torah and Mitzvot, there one cannot do a thing. And when one keeps the Torah and Mitzvot in action, called “doing,” one should pray to the Creator that He will do the concealed part, meaning place a soul in the practical part of our share.

The practical part is called “a candle of a Mitzva,” which are only candles, which must be lit by the “Torah, Light.” The Light of the Torah ignites the Mitzva and gives the soul and the liveliness in the practical part, as with the newborn, where there are three partners.

And this is the meaning of “the things that are revealed belong unto us,” meaning that we must work in the form of “whatsoever thy hand attaineth to do by thy strength, that do.” It is only here that we can act; but obtaining the soul and vitality depend on the Creator.

And this is the meaning of “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God.” The Creator promises that if we do the share that is revealed to us, acting on the conditions of the Torah and Mitzvot in the practical part, the Creator will put a soul into our actions. However, before we are awarded the concealed, called “a soul,” our revealed part is like a body without a soul. Thus, we must be awarded the hidden part, and this is only in the hands of the Creator.

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