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110. A Field Which the Lord Has Blessed

I heard in 1943

“A field which the Lord hath blessed.” The Holy Shechina (Divinity) is called “a field.” And sometimes a Sadeh (field) is turned into Sheker (a lie). The Vav within the Hey is the soul, and the dalet is the Holy Shechina (Divinity). When the soul is dressed in it, it is called Hey; and when one wants to add to the faith he extends the Vav below, and it becomes a Kof.

At that time the Dalet becomes a Reish, in the form of poor and meager, who wants to add. Then it becomes a Reish, by way of “a poor was born in his kingdom,” when the meager became poor. In other words, by inserting the evil eye into oneself, in both mind and heart, by way of “The boar out of the wood doth ravage it”: the eye is hung, since it returns to the separation, that the Sitra Achra (other side) is destined to be a holy angel.

And this is the meaning of “May the glory of the Lord endure for ever.” Because he has come to a state of the animal of the Yaar (forest), from the word Iro (his town), it means that all of his vitality has been poured out, and he is constantly strengthened. At that time he is awarded the state of “a field which the Lord hath blessed,” when the evil eye is turned into a good eye.

And this is the meaning of “a hanging eye,” meaning it hangs on a doubt, whether with a good eye or with a bad eye. And this is the meaning of returning to separation. And this is the meaning of “one opposite one,” as our sages said, “There was no joy before Him as on the day when heaven and earth were created.” This is so because at last, the “Lord will be One and His Name One,” which is the purpose of creation.

But for the Creator, past and present are the same. Hence, the Creator watches over creation in its final shape, as it will be at Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction), when all the souls in their complete perfection are included in the world Ein Sof, as it will be at Gmar Tikkun. Their perfect form is already there, and nothing is missing.

But with the receivers it is apparent that they still need to complete what they must complete. This is, “which God has created and performed,” meaning the deficiencies and the testiness. This is the meaning of what our sages said, “the angry yields only anger,” and also, “all who are greedy, are angry.”

This is the true form of the will to receive in its true form, as obscene as it is. And all the corrections are to turn it in order to bestow, which is the whole work of the lower ones. Before the world was created, it was in the form of “He is one and His Name One.” This means that even though His name has already departed from the He, and became revealed, and it is already called “His Name,” still He was one. And this is the meaning of “one opposite one.”

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