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157. I Am Asleep but My Heart Is Awake

I heard on Nisan 9, April 18, 1948

In The Zohar, (Parashat Amor, 95a): “The assembly of Israel said, ‘I sleep in exile in Egypt, where my children were in harsh enslavement.’” The Mochin were in the state of sleep, as it is written about the verse, “there is,” their God is sleeping.

“But my heart is awake to guard those who will not be extinguished in exile.” This means that when they receive the Mochin of the Achoraim, they are guarded by them, even though they still do not shine in her, and they are still in exile. However, it is still considered awake, by way of “does not reveal from heart to mouth.”

The heart is Vak, since there is Vak de Hochma there. Thus, even at the time of the Gadlut, there is no other Hochma there, but only from what she received here.

“My Beloved knocketh.” This is the beating, the Masach (screen) de Hirik (of the Hirik—a punctuation mark) in ZA. “And I have remembered My covenant.” This is the circumcision, which is Dinim (judgments) of Nukva, which cancel the Dinim of Dechura (male). Dinim are a discernment that cancels the Gar, and this is considered “cutting.”

And there are other corrections, called “payment.” “Open for Me an opening as the point of a needle, and I will open for you the Upper Gates.” The meaning of this slight opening is the tiny lights, as without Hassadim, Hochma shines very diminutively.

Only afterwards, when Hassadim are drawn, the Hochma is integrated with the Hassadim, Vak, great convoys. And the meaning of the Upper Gates concerns the Hassadim from the perspective of AVI, called “pure air.” This is because only once he has Hochma, but draws Hassadim, these Hassadim are called “pure air,” since he prefers Hassadim to Hochma.

However, when he has Hassadim without Hochma, it is considered Katnut. “Open for Me,” that ZA and his sister Malchut, in the form of Hochma, she would draw Hochma. The door to enter Me is within you.” Thus, only when you have Hochma will I have a vent, to enter in the form of Hassadim, which I have from AVI, called “pure air.”

“Come and see: When the Creator was slaying the firstborn of Egypt, and lowered the degrees from Above downward,” Egypt is the left line. However, they are in the form of Klipa, without any integration of the right. And when Israel were in Egypt, they were under their dominion, and they, too, had to receive the left.

And the plague of the firstborn, meaning the revoking of the domination of the Gar of the left, this is “and lowered the degrees from Above downward. At that time Israel came into the covenant of the holy sign.”

Circumcision concerns the Dinim de Nukva, which is a Masach of Hirik, which cancels the Dinim de Dechura. In doing so, she cancels the Gar of the left, and only the Vak shine. It follows that by the Creator striking their firstborn, they had the strength to keep the covenant, “as the blood that was shown on the door.”

“And they were two bloods: one of Passover and one of circumcision.” The Passover blood is the correction of the integration of the left line; and the circumcision blood is the correction of the Dinim de Nukva, which is the Hirik. And the Passover blood…

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