215. Faith

I heard

Faith, specifically, is pure work. This is because the will to receive does not participate in this work. Moreover, the will to receive objects to it. The nature of that desire is only to work in a place that it sees and knows. But above reason is not so. Hence, in this manner the Dvekut (adhesion) can be complete, since there is the element of equivalence here, meaning it is actually to bestow.

Therefore, when this basis is fixed and solid, even when receiving favorable things, he considers it “a place,” which, in Gematria, is Torah. And there should be fear with this Torah. Meaning, he should see that he does not receive any support and assistance from the Torah, but from faith. And even when he already considers it superfluous because he is already receiving from the pleasant land, he should still believe that this is the truth. And this is the meaning of “and all believe that He is a God of faith,” since specifically through faith can he sustain the degree.

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